DVOMB Meetings



Please note that DVOMB meeting agenda items are subject to change based on the Chair's and quorum's priorities.  

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Please get in touch with Jill Trowbridge at Jill.Trowbridge@state.co.us.

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2023 Meetings

All Domestic Violence Offender Management Board Meetings are Hybrid Meetings

January 13th Agenda | January Minutes

February 10th Agenda |  February Minutes

March 10th Agenda |  March Minutes

April 14th Agenda | April Minutes

May 12th Agenda  | Minutes

June 9th - Canceled

July 12th Agenda |  Minutes

August 11th Agenda | Minutes

September 8th Agenda | Minutes

October 13th Agenda | Minutes

November 3rd Agenda | Minutes

December 8th Agenda | Minutes


*Hybrid Meeting - Meeting is held in-person with the option to attend virtually. 

Please note that minutes are posted after the Board approves them during a subsequent meeting.