ODVSOM: The Domestic Violence Offender Management Board

The Domestic Violence Offender Management Board


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Overview of Domestic Violence Offender Management in Colorado


The Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (DVOMB) sets and reviews Standards for the assessment, evaluation, treatment, and behavioral monitoring of domestic violence offenders. 

  • The Standards are designed to: 
    • enhance victim and community safety
    • contain offenders
    • promote offender accountability
    • provide an opportunity for offenders to eliminate violent behavior in all forms

The DVOMB is mandated to research and analyze the effectiveness of treatment evaluation and treatment programs and procedures. The Board also maintains and publishes a list of professional mental health providers who are approved to work with domestic violence offenders. 

  • Approved Providers are located throughout the state
  • The DVOMB does not provide any direct services

Domestic violence behavior is dangerous. Domestic violence is a crime and not the result of a response to a failing relationship. 

  • All domestic violence behavior is the sole responsibility of the offender and offenders are capable of change. 

Victims have a right to safety and self-determination. Victim and community safety are paramount.

Offender treatment must address the full spectrum of abusive and controlling behaviors associated with domestic violence, and not just the legally-defined criminal behaviors. 



Visit the Technical Assistance Center and contact DVOMB Support or ODVSOM Training Support for assistance.