Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management Board Public Records

In order to provide enhanced transparency, customer service, and access to their work, in 2019 the Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management Board (DVSOMB) launched an online records repository. You can use the filters below to search for and download public records from the SOMB and its subcommittees.

A few important notes:

  • This repository represents the most frequently requested board records (minutes, agendas, meeting packets, bylaws) but is not a comprehensive repository of all SOMB records.
  • Video/Audio Recordings of Board Meetings: Due to their large file size, video and audio recordings of Board meetings are accessible to the public by request. In accordance with the State Records Retention Manual Schedule No. 1, these recordings are retained for 6 months after approval of the meeting minutes. 
  • Most records are from 2019(the start of the digitization project) forward, however we have taken the time to upload the meeting minutes of the full SOMB going back to 2013, and the SOMB Executive Committee back to 2015.
  • For documents created prior to October 2019, you can use the filters to sort by committee, subcommittee, date, and document type. However, the individual keywords of these historic documents has not been indexed to be searchable. Searching using the "keywords" box will only work for new records created after October 2019.
  • If you are seeking subcommittee records prior to 2019, DVSOMB meeting minutes prior to 2013, or a different type of record not included here, you can request them by submitting a Colorado Open Records Act request.

Search Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management Board Public Records