Sex Offender Management Board

Sex Offender Management Board

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For Individuals Convicted of or Adjudicated for Sexual Offenses
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Sunset Review Process

The Sex Offender Management Board began the Sunset Review process on May 12, 2021, at a legislative hearing before the House Judiciary. For more information regarding the Sunset Review process and recommendations, see the report

This will be the first of several hearings at the Capital on the SOMB. All are welcome to attend and provide testimony.

For more information, please check the Colorado State Legislature's decisions related to the SOMB may impact the work that you do. Make sure that your voice is heard.

Overview of Sex Offender Management in Colorado

What Crimes Designate Someone as a Sex Offender?

16-11.7-102(2)(a) C.R.S. defines a sex offender as anyone who is convicted/adjudicated of the following:

  • a sex offense
  • any criminal offense if that person had been previously convicted of a sex offense in either Colorado or any other jurisdiction, or if the person has a history of sex offenses
  • any criminal offense in Colorado with an underlying factual basis involving a sex offense

The term sex offender also includes a juvenile who has committed a sexual offense.

Sex offense is defined in 16-11.7-102(3)(a) C.R.S. and includes 25 different felony and misdemeanor sex offense crime types including: sexual contact involving minors, use of force/coercion, familial sexual contact, positions of trust, exploitation/trafficking/child prostitution, and use of the internet for a sex crime (luring and child sexual abuse images), among others.

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