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Overview of Sex Offender Management in Colorado

What Crimes Designate Someone as a Sex Offender?

16-11.7-102(2)(a) C.R.S. defines a sex offender as anyone who is convicted/adjudicated of the following:

  • a sex offense
  • any criminal offense if that person had been previously convicted of a sex offense in either Colorado or any other jurisdiction, or if the person has a history of sex offenses
  • any criminal offense in Colorado with an underlying factual basis involving a sex offense

The term sex offender also includes a juvenile who has committed a sexual offense.

Sex offense is defined in 16-11.7-102(3)(a) C.R.S. and includes 25 different felony and misdemeanor sex offense crime types including: sexual contact involving minors, use of force/coercion, familial sexual contact, positions of trust, exploitation/trafficking/child prostitution, and use of the internet for a sex crime (luring and child sexual abuse images), among others.

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