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      The Office for Victims Programs (OVP) administers several state and federal grant programs that provide support for services to victims of crime. Grant funds are distributed to agencies that provide crime victim services through a competitive application process. The Crime Victim Services (CVS) Advisory Board reviews submitted applications and then provides their recommendations to the Executive Director of the Department of Public Safety for review and approval.

      The following grants are included in the competitive application process:

      Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) 

      STOP Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

      State Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement (State VALE)

      Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP)

      Complete Required Training by March 31, 2021

      CY21 & CY22 CVS Grantees are required to have all Project Officials and Primary Contacts (if applicable) watch the following Post-Award Training Videos by March 31, 2021 or within 60 days of assuming their role as a project official.


      To complete training, click on the link provided to register.  After your registration is recorded, you will be able to watch the training video.

      CY 2021 & CY 2022 Crime Victim Services (CVS) Grant Program Post-Award Training Videos

      Project Directors and Primary Contacts (if applicable)

      Programmatic Post-Award Training 

      Project Directors, Financial Officers, and Primary Contacts (if applicable)

      Financial Post-Award Training 

      VOCA recipients only

      PMT Post-Award Training 

      Before undergoing monitoring

      Monitoring Post Award Training

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      Special Projects

      In addition to the administration of state and federal dollars to provide support for services to victims of crime, OVP conducts a series of Special Projects to improve the continuum of care crime victims receive.


      COVID-19 Resources for CVS Grantees