Adult & Juvenile Justice Assistance Grants

The Office of Adult and Juvenile Justice Assistance (OAJJA) manages several state and federal grant programs. These programs are all designed to provide support to and assist in the improvement of the justice system. Programs range from juvenile justice funding to support priorities such as addressing the needs of low-risk but high-need juveniles or research and evaluation, to criminal justice funding that supports local law enforcement and other criminal justice entities. Funding is generally made available to local and state agencies (both governmental and non-governmental) through a grant-making process. 

Grantee Training

Multi-disciplinary Crime Prevention and Crisis Intervention Grant Program

Video: 2023 How To Submit a CPCI Quarterly Narrative and Statistical Report (YouTube) (9 min 3 sec)

Transcript: 2023 CPCI Quarterly Programmatic Narrative Report Video (PDF)

The Narrative Report is used to report on progress made in meeting the Statement of Work, including Goals and Objectives, and performance measures, and to report obstacles that may have caused problems or delays in implementing the project. Check the Special Conditions and other exhibits within your Grant Agreement for special reporting requirements.

Please note:  The Narrative Report has several formats based on the Grant Program (Programs) as the forms are tailored to address program-specific goals and data elements.

Grantee Training - Financial Reporting (All Grantees)

How to Submit a Financial Report

How to Submit a Payment Request