Law Enforcement Assistance Grant Program (LEAGP)

The Law Enforcement Assistance Grant Program (LEAGP) was created by the Colorado legislature to allow law enforcement agencies to apply for grants up to the amount of money that the agency can establish it would have received except for Section 16-13-306.5 or 16-13-504.5 C.R.S. which limited receipt of forfeiture payments from federal agencies after August 9, 2017.

Eligibility: Seizing law enforcement agencies, as defined in Section 16-13-301 (2.7), eligible for reimbursement for money that the agency would have received except for section 16-13-306.5 or 16-13-504.5 C.R.S.  One application per law enforcement agency per funding year will be permitted with the exception of law enforcement agencies serving as the fiscal agent for Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces (MJTF) seeking reimbursement as individual agencies and then also as a fiscal agent of a MJTF.

Funds for which Requesting Reimbursement: Applicants can apply for reimbursement for the amount of funding the applicant would have received of the aggregate net equity value of the property and currency seized in a federal case which is fifty thousand dollars or less, where a forfeiture proceeding was commenced by the federal government, was related to a filed criminal case, and the declination of funds from the federal government occurred after August 9, 2017 due to Section 16-13-306.5 or 16-13-504.5 C.R.S.  See instructions for more information on what is required for documentation on funds which have been declined due to 16-13-306.5 C.R.S.

How to Apply

This will be a two-part application process. 

Step One

Click here to log into or create an account in DCJ's online grant management system.

Submit an Intent to Apply showing the total amount requested and provide the necessary back up documentation.

DCJ/OAJJA staff and the LEAGP Working Group will review the request and supporting documentation to determine the amount eligible for reimbursement. Clarifying information will likely be requested from the applicant.

Step Two

Once the final amount to be awarded is established, DCJ will contact the applicant and notify them to complete formal application, which provides details on how the funds will be spent.

Applicants must apply and submit their LEAGP Application on-line


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