Grants Training Materials

For guidance and instructions related to applying for or managing a grant, or logging into Zoomgrants, please visit the Grants Guidance & Resources page.

Zoomgrants For Grantees

Application FAQs and Tips

FAQs for Completing the Application Frequently asked questions and tips. This document is updated regularly. Please check back for updates.

Job Aid: Adding Collaborators and Additional Contacts - 2018

Job Aid: How to delete an application - 2018

Application Submission - Basic Navigation

Navigating ZoomGrants and Setting up New Accounts -Updated 01/04/2018 - New applications cycles beginning October 2016 and later will utilize ZoomGrants. Grants will be administered from the project application to close-out. These instructions are intended to cover basic navigation and new user account setup. Note: if your project was initiated outside of ZoomGrants and transitioned to ZoomGrants follow the Transitional instructions above.

Navigating ZoomGrants and Setting up New accounts Webinar (~ 67 min) - This webinar accompanies the above written instructions.

Award Process & Accepting your Award - COMING SOON!

Job-Aid: Acknowledging Funding Recommendations &, Appeal/Reconsideration 

Job-Aid: How to update the Application based on funding recommendations

Job Aid: Steps for accepting the award and completing the Grant Agreement tab

Changing Account Owner Access and/or Passwords

How to Change Account Owners and/or Update Passwords - 2018

Post Award Submissions (Payment Request and Reports/Forms submissions)

Quick Reference: Submitting Post Award SubmissionsThis one page quick reference describes where each type of submissions should be uploaded or completed within ZoomGrants.

Job Aid: How to Submit Post Award Submissions - This job aid provides instructions for Grantees on how to upload Post Award Submissions (Payment Requests, Narrative Reports, and other reporting requirements) to DCJ via ZoomGrants.

Program Specific Job Aids Grantees

State Juvenile Diversion Program &, Marijuana Tax Cash Funds- Job Aid: Duplicating an Application for Years 2 and 3 - This job aid provides instructions for Grantees to duplicate current year projects for continuation funding in Years 2 and 3 of the three year cycle.

CY19 & 20 Crime Victim Services (CVS) Grant Program-CVS Split Funding Applications - Duplicating Applications - The Consolidated grant program represented funding from multiple sources. After the funding decisions have been made it may be determined that an application/project must be split into two or more separate projects to allow for funding objectives and funding sources to correlate. Keeping the funding sources distinct per project allows for more accountability of funds. This job aid provides instructions for Grantees to duplicate a current application. Note: this should only be done at the direction of your DCJ grant manager.

Zoomgrants for Board & Council Reviewers

Basic Navigation for Board/Council Reviewers

Navigating ZoomGrants for Board/Council Reviewer - Basic navigation instructions for logging onto ZoomGrants and moving around the system. Additional job aids will be posted for specific grant programs.

Navigating ZoomGrants Webinar for Board/Council Reviewers Webinar (~ 37 min) -This webinar accompanies the above written instructions.

Program Specific Job Aids for Board/Council Reviewers

2019-20 State Juvenile Diversion Program &, Marijuana Tax Cash Funds (Revised 10/30/18) Supplemental Council Review instructions intended to accompany the Basic Navigation instructions.

Job Aid:Board Reviewers for the 2017 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) - Supplemental Board Review instructions intended to accompany the Basic Navigation instructions.

Job Aid: ARC and Board Reviewers for the Announcement for CY19 & 20 Crime Victims Services (CVS) Grant Program Funds -Supplemental Board Review instructions intended to accompany the Basic Navigation instructions.


Zoomgrants for DCJ Staff

Default Email Client

ZoomGrants has the ability to launch an email window to an Applicant/Grantee. DCJ employees use Gmail.

These instructions provide information on how to update your settings to launch Gmail from ZoomGrants.

Grant Program Specific Training

OAJJA Grant Administration & Management


Adult and Juvenile Justice Assistance

Training and guidance - COMING SOON!


OVP Grant Administration & Management

FORMAT: Self-guided Instructional Materials



AUDIENCE: Representatives of any agency interested in applying for Crime Victim Services Funding for CY 2019-2020.

DESCRIPTION: View materials for ideas on enhancing and expanding your program with CVS Funds, including civil legal services and housing for crime victims, as well as expanded services for sexual assault survivors.

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