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Offense-Supportive Attitudes among the Sex Offending Population

Identification of common sex offense supportive attitudes is an important component of the evaluation of adults who have committed a sexual offense to assist in determining overall recidivism risk and providing appropriate treatment recommendations. Further, it is important for providers to be able to identify and address these supportive attitudes with clients in sex offense specific treatment. This presentation will assist both evaluators and providers in understanding how these different attitudes may be identified through various sources of information. More broadly, an appropriate assessment of these attitudes fits within the framework of the Risk-Needs-Responsivity model.


Define and discuss the role of terms such as “offense-supportive attitudes,” “cognitive distortions,” and “schemas” in sex offending literature and treatment
Identify the common types of distorted attitudes seen among the sex offending population. 
Discuss denial and minimization and their role in sex offender treatment
Discuss offense-supportive attitudes among female offenders and other populations
Discuss how the assessment of these attitudes fits within the RNR model in evaluation and treatment
Practice identifying offense supportive attitudes through case examples

WHEN: March 7th, 2023

TIME: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM


LOCATION: Douglas County Fairgrounds

500 Fairgrounds Drive

Castle Rock, CO 80104

CEUs: 4

COST: $10

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