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Racial and Generational Trauma: Evidence-based Somatic Interventions for BIPOC Clients


Racial trauma is a common experience among clients of color. However, mental health professionals do not feel trained to adequately support traumatized students. Hemmings & Evans (2018) found that 71% of mental health professionals have encountered clients with race-based trauma, but few feel equipped to assess or address it. Given the additional psychological effects of the COVID-19 health pandemic on BIPOC individuals, the number of BIPOC clients experiencing traumatic stress has risen. This proposed workshop will introduce participants to the concept of racial trauma and its impact on client mental health and counselor effectiveness. This workshop is designed for counselors, mental health advocates, and wellness professionals to deepen their understanding of racism as trauma and how to incorporate somatic and polyvagal practices as a part of the healing process. 


Facilitators will explore what role unconscious/implicit biases, social structures, and historical and generational events play in informing our perceptions and experiences in the world. Facilitators will highlight the importance of self-reflection and the ways in which our thoughts and feelings regarding race, class, age, ability, and other characteristics influence the ways we interpret situations, make decisions, and interact with others. 


Learning Outcomes: 

Through stories, presentations, experiential activities, and group discussion, participants will:

  • Define and describe racial trauma and explore real-life presentations of racial trauma.
  • Analyze the role of microaggressions in the counseling relationship and how to become more aware of unconscious biases. 
  • Learn tools to reflect on counselor identity and bias so as not to inadvertently enact additional
  • harm to clients.
  • Develop a basic understanding of how to incorporate culturally-relevant strategies and somatic interventions to assist clients in navigating their own nervous system in regulating heightened emotional reactions.
  • Identify 2 interventions to address the effects of generational trauma.
  • Identify 3-4 somatic resources that incorporate polyvagal concepts that can help create
  • safety, awareness, and social engagement for clients impacted by racialized trauma.

Presented By: Dr. Chinwe Williams and Erica Bonham

WHEN: September 18, 2023

TIME: 8:30PM - 4:30PM MST

ADDRESS: Adams County Human Services

11860 N Pecos St., Westminster, CO 80234

CEU: 8 Hours


COST: $30


Register Here for September 18, 2023

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