ORS: Data Submission-Jail Bond Compliance

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Statute: 16-4-102 (j) (III) [see also, H.B. 2021-1280]
Reporting: Sheriffs/County Jails

The Office of Research and Statistics (ORS), pursuant to 24-33.5-503(bb) and (cc), C.R.S., and with requirements provided in 16-4-102(2), C.R.S., collects data and issues certificates of compliance regarding boding practices in jails, such as, the display and dissemination of legal rights information related to posting bond and bond complaint processes. 

The dashboard displaying these data can be found under, ORS: Dashboard-Jails & Corrections: Jail Data Dashboard.

To submit materials related to JAIL DATA or RESTRICTIVE HOUSING, please see: ORS: Data Submission-Jail Data.


Sheriff's offices that operate a county jail are statutorily required to:

  1. Create notices of legal rights to posting money bonds and information about how to file a complaint about violations of Subsections (2)(b) to (2)(g)
  2. Make the notices accessible:
    • on the Sheriff’s website,
    • in the common area of the jail in a location clearly visible to the inmates,
    • in the inmate handbook, 
    • in the public area in the jail where a person posts bond,
    • to any individual inquiring about posting bonds.
  3. Create written policies and post the policies on the Sheriff’s website; distribute to all staff and train all staff who process bonds or interact with inmates on the policies.
  4. Provide timely updates to the Division of Criminal Justice when there are changes to any of the required information above. 

Data Submission

The required materials and/or any question about the reporting requirements should be submitted to: cdps_dcj_ors_hb1280@state.co.us

Once the materials are received, a certificate of compliance will be issued to the Sheriff's offices for posting on web sites along with the documents listed above. The materials provided and the certificate of compliance will also be posted on the DCJ web site.

Sheriff's offices shall compile and submit the following required materials:

  1. Electronic copy of available posting explaining bond fees, booking fees, instructions, and directions for filing complaints that complies with HB 21-1280;
  2. Description of locations where postings are available to inmates, in proximity to booking counter area, available to anyone who expresses an interest in the process, and how these locations meet the statutory requirements;
  3. Pictures of where postings are located (note: these will not be publicly available and are solely to determine compliance with requirements of HB 21-1280)
  4. Electronic copy of materials placed in the inmate handbook that comply with HB 21-1280;
  5. Electronic copy of policies distributed to all staff;
  6. Electronic copy of training documents and training agendas for staff involved in bonding process;
  7. Attestation that policies have been distributed to all staff;
  8. Attestation that training on these policies have been conducted with the staff who are involved in the bonding process;
  9. Link to web site where information is posted to fulfill these requirements.

In order to properly document the submission of the above materials, please also provide the following:






Mailing Address:

Link to the agency website on which this information is posted:

I attest that these new policies have been distributed to all staff that work in the jail:
(name) ______________

I attest that the staff involved in the bonding process have been trained on these new policies: