ODVSOM: Become an Approved Domestic Violence Offender Management Board Provider


Interested in becoming a Domestic Violence Offender Management Board Approved Provider?

Individuals need to apply first before providing any services to domestic violence offenders. New applicants: please contact the DVOMB and check out the introductory training DV 100: DVOMB & Standards Overview prior to starting this process.

  • Applicants apply as individuals (not as partnerships, agencies, or programs)


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What are the qualifications needed to be a DVOMB Approved Provider?

The qualifications required to become a DVOMB Approved Provider are located in Section 9.0 of the Standards. The basic requirements include having a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in a behavioral science field, licensure or certification with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), demonstrated competency, and compliance with the DVOMB Standards. 

Application Fees
  • App 1 - Trainee Application fee = $50
  • App 2 – Practice Level Application fee = $110.50
  • App 3 – Renewal Application fee = $200
  • Specific Offender Population Application fee = $50
    • Fee waived when submitted with App 2 - Practice Level Application
  • Pre-Sentence Evaluator Application fee = $110.50
    • Fee waived when submitted with App 2 - Practice Level Application
  • Not Currently Practicing (NCP) Renewal fee = $25
  • DVOMB Approved Provider Return to Active Status fee = $175


*Please attach verification of payment to your application. 


The Approved Provider List

The Approved Provider List identifies the providers who are eligible to receive referrals to provide evaluation, treatment, and assessment services to domestic violence offenders in Colorado.

DVOMB Approved Provider List


Has your information changed?

Please update all of your information in the Provider Database Management System (PDMS)


Other questions about the application process may be directed to DVOMB Support staff