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Success Story Blog - June 2021

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In 2018, Lisa Tullio with Ignite Change Counseling and Melissa Hall, Probation Officer with the 7th Judicial District found that the DVOMB Standards were not fully understood by the Judicial System.  Based on a desire to get the word out and educate individuals, Lisa and Melissa created a training to review the standards and to identify main misconceptions regarding DV Treatment.  

As a result of creating and presenting this training to judges, district attorneys, probation officers, public defenders, and victims advocates, the district adopted positive changes including sentencing orders prohibiting the use and consumption of alcohol and illegal substances and random drug testing for all domestic violence proven cases. Not only have these changes resulted in a near-complete reduction of unsupervised probation at the time of sentencing and probation sentences of at least 18 months were implemented to account for the treatment process, the trainings have increased collaboration and teamwork within the entire system.  

Since Lisa and Melissa started offering the trainings in 2018, the Public Defender’s office, District Attorneys office and victims advocates have requested this training multiple times for all staff trainings and events throughout the district. Congratulations Ignite Change Counseling! 

We look forward to sharing more stories like this.  If you have a success story, please contact Jesse Hansen.

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Did you implement a creative and collaborative (perhaps even cost-saving) strategy that is being successfully used in the field of domestic violence offender management?

Tell us how you and your colleagues overcame a challenge to providing a high quality domestic violence offender service. Perhaps you found a new venue to provide training in DV issues to the community or formed a local task force to solve a particularly "thorny" systemic issue. Perhaps your county did not have enough approved DV providers and several agencies collaborated on a successful recruitment strategy. Whatever it was, if you are proud of your efforts, we want to hear about it!

Please e-mail your inspiring stories to jesse.hansen@state.co.us and make sure to include "Implementation Successes" in the subject line. Your submission may be selected for publication on this website.

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