Juvenile Justice Reform Committee



The Juvenile Justice Reform Committee was established per Senate Bill19-108 to enact policy recommendations that aim to strengthen public safety and improve outcomes for youth in the juvenile justice system. The committee is tasked with: 

  • Adopting a validated risk and needs assessment tool to be used by juvenile courts, the division of youth services (DYS), juvenile probation, and the parole department;
  • Selecting a mental health screening tool for juvenile offenders;
  • Selecting a validated risk screening tool to be used by district attorneys in determining a juvenile's eligibility for diversion;
  • Selecting a vendor to assist in the implementation of and provide training on the tools; and
  • Developing plans for measuring the effectiveness of the tools.


Meetings & Minutes


Until restrictions due to the public health crisis have lifted, all JJRC meetings will be held virtually. Guests and members of the general public are welcome to attend the meetings. The Division of Criminal Justice is responsible for staffing the Committee; if you have questions or would like more information, contact Anna Lopez.


2021 Meetings

March 23, 1 pm - 3 pm
03/23/21 Agenda | 03/23/21 Minutes 

June 22, 1 pm - 3 pm
Agenda | Minutes (pending)

September 28, 1 pm -3 pm
Agenda | Minutes (pending)

December 28, 1 pm - 3 pm
Agenda | Minutes (pending)

Statutory Requirements of the Committee



Statutory Requirement



Select a validated risk and needs assessment tool or tools

September 1, 2019


Select a qualified vendor or technical assistance provider to support the adoption and implementation of the risk assessment, risk screening, and mental health screening tools

July 1, 2020


Select a validated risk screening tool

January 1, 2021


Select a validated mental health screening tool

January 1, 2021


Identify shared outcome measures that service providers receiving state funds must track and report

January 1, 2021


Identify shared outcomes measures for diversion, juvenile probation, and the Division of Youth Services

January 1, 2021

Statutory requirements & timeline beginning in September 2019 and ending in January 1, 2021 

Committee Members


For details regarding the legislative requirements for council membership and appointing authority, please see SB19-108.

  1. The Governor or the Governor's designee:
    • Adam Zarrin, Criminal Justice Policy Advisor, Governor’s Office
  2. Four members of the Colorado General Assembly:
    • Senator Gardner, CO State Senate District 12
    • Senator Lee, CO State Senate District 11
    • Representative Michaelson Jenet, CO House of Representatives District 30
    • Representative McKean, CO House of Representatives District 51
  3. Two judges:
    • Hon. Douglas Walker, Chief Judge, 22nd Judicial District
    • Hon. Beth Elliot-Dumler, Magistrate, 18th Judicial District
  4. The Director of the Division of Youth Services or designee:
    • Anders Jacobson, Director, Division of Youth Services
  5. The Director of the Division of Criminal Justice or designee:
    • Joe Thome, Director, Division of Criminal Justice
  6. The Executive Director of the Dept. of Human Services or designee:
    • Perry Mays, Deputy Executive Director, Department of Human Services
  7. The State Court Administrator or designee:
    • Steven Vasconcellos, State Court Administrator, Judicial Department
  8. The Attorney General or designee:
    • Bob Booth, Assistant Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Justice
  9. Two state prosecutors with experience in juvenile prosecution and diversion issues:
    • Tariq Sheikh, Deputy District Attorney, 17th Judicial District
    • Sarah Ericson, Deputy District Attorney, 18th Judicial District
  10. A representative appointed by the State Public Defender and a representative appointed by the Office of Alternative Defense Council:
    • Sara Strufing, State Public Defender 
    • Stacie Colling, Juvenile Coordinator, Office of Alternative Defense Counsel
  11. Two people who oversee juvenile diversion programs:
    • Elaina Shively, Diversion Director, Boulder County District Attorney’s Office
    • Kirsta Britton, Diversion Director, Weld County District Attorney’s Office
  12. The Executive Director of the Office of The Child's Representative or designee:
    • Sheri Danz, Deputy Director,Office of the Child’s Representative
  13. The Colorado Child Protection Ombudsman or designee:
    • Amanda Pennigton, Director of Client Services, Child Protection Ombudsman
  14. Victim advocate representative with experience in juvenile cases:
    • Allison Boyd, Director, Victim Witness Assistance Unit, 1st Judicial District Attorney’s Office
  15. Juvenile mental health professional:
    • Carl Blake, Sex Offense Specific and Assessment Services Coordinator, Division of Youth Services
  16. Two employees of counties with experience in juvenile assessment or placement:
    • Dan Makelky, Director, Douglas County Human Services
    • Lanie Meyers-Mireles, Director,Prowers County Department of Human Services
  17. Two representatives of nonprofits that provide programs to prevent or address juvenile delinquency:
    • Elise Logemann, Juvenile Justice Policy Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union
    • Laurie Klith, Executive Director, The Center for Family Outreach
  18. Three people who oversee juvenile probation:
    • Shawn Cohn,Chief Probation Officer, Denver Juvenile Court, 2nd Judicial District
    • Tobin Wright, Chief Probation Officer, 16th Judicial District
    • Jenifer Morgen, Chief Probation Officer, 17th Judicial District
  19. Juvenile Representative 
    • Lorenzo Allen