ODVSOM: About the Sex Offender Management Board

In 1992, the Colorado General Assembly passed legislation that created a Sex Offender Treatment Board to develop standards and guidelines for the assessment, evaluation, treatment and behavioral monitoring of sex offenders. The General Assembly changed the name to the Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) in 1998 to more accurately reflect the duties assigned. 

 The Legislative Declaration for the SOMB states:

  • “(1) The general assembly finds that, to protect the public and to work toward the elimination of sexual offenses, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate, identify, treat, manage, and monitor adult sex offenders who are subject to the supervision of the criminal justice system and juveniles who have committed sexual offenses who are subject to the supervision of the juvenile justice system. (2) Therefore, the general assembly declares that it is necessary to create a program that establishes evidence-based standards for the evaluation, identification, treatment, management, and monitoring of adult sex offenders and juveniles who have committed sexual offenses at each stage of the criminal or juvenile justice system to prevent offenders from reoffending and enhance the protection of victims and potential victims. The general assembly does not intend to imply that all offenders can or will positively respond to treatment.” (§16-11.7-101, C.R.S.)

The Board reviews, develops and revises the standards and guidelines using a comprehensive, transparent public process


File a Complaint

The forms and instructions for filing a complaint can be found on the Complaint Process page

Upon receipt of the completed form, your complaint will be reviewed according to Appendix A of the most recent version of the Standards and Guidelines for the Assessment, Evaluation, Treatment and Behavioral Monitoring of Sex Offenders or the Standards and Guidelines for the Evaluation, Assessment, Treatment and Supervision of Juveniles Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses.

The Board only has authority over individual listed providers and can only respond to actual violations of the Standards.



Please contact SOMB Support staff with any additional questions.