ODVSOM: Annual Domestic Violence & Sex Offender Management Conference


2024 Conference Details

“Empowering Collaboration and Integration: Enabling System Enhancement through Professional Connections”

July 9-12th, 2024 at Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center in Breckenridge, CO

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The Office of Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management (ODVSOM) returns to Breckenridge, Colorado for its Annual Conference! The Pre-Conference is scheduled for July 9th, the regular Conference for July 10-12th. The conference will be held in person with each session being recorded for easy access after the conference. 

All registrants will have access to the recordings of the regular conference as part of the conference package for 90 days after they are posted. You can also add on our Pre-Conference and have access to those in-person sessions and recordings after the conference ends. So, if you are unable to attend the entire conference you can access anything you missed after the conference has concluded. We hope you will consider registering to hear more about the latest research, learn about innovative approaches to treatment or supervision, and obtain new skills.

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Target Audience

Professionals including but not limited to: domestic violence and sex offender treatment providers, evaluators, polygraph examiners, victim therapists, victim advocates, school personnel, community supervision officers, child welfare, attorneys, judges, magistrates, and law enforcement (local, state and federal).

Subjects of Interest

Suggested adult and juvenile topics include but are not limited to: emerging research, innovation in practice, evaluation techniques/skills, implementation of differential treatment, abuse prevention efforts, brain development, judicial decision making, multidisciplinary collaboration, technology, providing services to rural communities, diversity, legal issues and court practice, restorative justice, domestic violence and sex assault victim advocacy, supervision and management practices, trauma, treatment approaches, wellness, and working with families.


Potential Topics Based on Survey Feedback

Treatment Specific
  • Complex and Challenging Cases: Treatment and Case Planning
  • Intersection of Combat Operation Stress, PTSD and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Treatment and Supervision of Special Populations: juvenile female offenders, DD/ID clients, autism spectrum, transgender clients, clients in denial, etc.
  • Crossover DV/SO: Process and Treatment Needs
  • SOMB Treatment and DV Supportive Services Around Child Welfare
  • Way to Engage Difficult Clients
  • Coexistence of Substance Abuse/Trauma/DV and PTSD
Legal or Supervision Specific
  • Self-care Techniques for Professionals
  • Ways to Promote Intraagency Collaboration
  • Supervision in Community Corrections
  • Resources for Juveniles Displaying Domestic Violence Behavior
  • Preparing Offenders for Community Integration Upon Release
  • Special Colorado Court Cases
  • Case Review: Legal Proceeding of a DV/SO Case
  • Sexting

Gary Burgin Sex Offender Management or Treatment Leadership Award


Leadership in SO Management

This award will honor a person who exhibits the attributes of effective leadership in sex offender management or treatment. This person should have respect among peers and a high level of integrity. This person should promote collaboration, and their efforts should have resulted in positive change and significant contributions to their community or the state in sex offender management or treatment. This award is appropriate for treatment providers, supervision officers, caseworkers, researchers, and other professionals responsible for sex offender management/treatment.

Who was Gary Burgin?

Gary Burgin was a probation supervisor for the 18th Judicial District Probation Department. He was a member of a number of different committees for the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board including the Domestic Violence Treatment Review Committee and assisted with the movement to a risk and need-based approach to offender treatment and supervision.

Gary passed away after a lengthy battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) on February 22, 2008. 

Recent Awardees

2023 - Dr. Stephen Brake

2022 - Missy Gursky, MA

2021 - Bob Dix, LPC

2019 - Dr. Kevin Powell

2018 - Sue Wich

2017 - S. Michael Dunlap

2016 - Steven H. Parker

Senator Norma Anderson Excellence in Victim Advocacy Award


Victim Representation

This award will honor a person who exhibits excellence, innovation, or creativity in victim representation. This person should demonstrate exceptional compassion, dedication, and commitment to victims. This award is appropriate for victim advocates and representatives, victim therapists, law enforcement, and other professionals who work with or for victims. 

Who was Norma Anderson?

Norma Anderson was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives from 1981-1998 and served as Majority Leader. She was then elected to the Senate from 1999-2005 and served as Majority Leader of the Senate, becoming the first woman ever to serve as Majority Leader in both the House and the Senate. She cites one of her biggest legislative accomplishments was the Lifetime Supervision Act for individuals convicted for a sexual offense. 

Recent Awardees

2023 - Kiersten Sherman

2022 - Jean McAllister, MSW

2021 - Jennifer Eyl, JD

2019 - Mary. S Mclver

2018 - Renee Stewart

2017 - Karmen Carter

2016 - Spiro Koinis

Denise Fransua Domestic Violence Offender Management Leadership Award


Leadership in DV Management

This award will honor a person who exhibits the attributes of effective leadership in domestic violence offender management. This person should exhibit charisma, demonstrate exceptional compassion, dedication, be influential, and driven to make a difference in either reducing the occurrence of domestic violence or making a difference in the lives of victims of domestic violence. This person's efforts should have resulted in positive change and significant contributions to their community or the state in domestic violence offender management. This award is appropriate for treatment providers, supervision officers, victim advocates, law enforcement, caseworkers, and other professionals responsible for domestic violence offender management.

Who was Denise Fransua?

Denise Fransua was an amazing woman. She was always kind, willing to help everyone, and overall loved life. She was a wonderful friend, daughter, sister, and mother. Denise was a Probation Officer for the 18th J.D. Probation Department and had worked previously for the 17th J.D. Denise completed her Master's Degree and was to begin as an Adjunct Professor for the Community College of Denver in the fall of 2011.

On May 17, 2011, Denise lost her life to domestic violence. Her family and friends think of her often and miss her dearly.

Recent Awardees

2023 - Sheila Montoya

2022 - Shawn Griffin, LPC, LAC, DVCS (Posthumously)

2021 - Ellen Stein Wallace



Please reach out to the Office of Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management with any questions or concerns at cdps_dcj_training@state.co.us

Applicants will be notified of presentation acceptance or denial. Thank you for your interest in our conference, we look forward to working with you!