ODVSOM: Advanced Series Training


The ODVSOM is able to provide most training opportunities at no cost to attendees. The primary exception includes some courses offered in the Advanced Series. A fee may be charged for these courses to cover the costs of inviting a national speaker to present. 

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Assessing Risk for Sexual and Domestic Violence Recidivism: Latest Research, including Cross-Cultural Validity

Presented by Maaike Helmus, PhD

Morning summary: Many racial and ethnic groups are overrepresented in the criminal legal system, and there are reasons to be concerned about whether risk assessment tools developed on predominantly White samples would apply to different racial/ethnic groups. One of the challenges in this area has also been a confusing and conflicting set of definitions for what “racial bias” means. 

This presentation will review and synthesize different definitions of “racial bias” and outline what is needed in examining the cross-cultural validity of risk tools. Existing research on cross-cultural validity and generalizability of risk factors and risk tools will be discussed, with a particular (but not exclusive) focus on sexual recidivism risk assessment. This will include a summary of a recent meta-analysis on general risk assessment with Indigenous offenders, and meta-analyses and reviews of sexual recidivism risk tools across Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, Indian, and Asian men. Implications for practice will be discussed.

Afternoon summary: An early meta-analytic summary found that risk tools specifically designed for domestic violence (DV) did not necessarily predict DV recidivism any better than generic risk assessment tools designed for other outcomes. This presentation will summarize three research initiatives related to improving risk assessment for domestic violence.

Date: April 18th, 2024

Time: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Cost: $50

Format: In Person Only

Audience: DV & SO Professionals

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DVOMB: Pre-Registration for LGBTQ+ Training

The DVOMB is planning on scheduling the following training. There is NOT a scheduled date for this training yet, we are gathering interest before we schedule.

This training will enable participants to better understand, assess, and treat LGBTQ+ Domestic Violence Offenders. Featuring a DVOMB FOL Approved Provider and a DVOMB Approved DVCS, it will explore a range of issues which can arise when counseling Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender clients regarding domestic violence intervention. Topics range from “coming-out and identity,” through “homophobia and civil rights,” to “life- partnerships and co-parenting.” 

The course will emphasize cultural history and terminology, clinical data and research, as well as assessment, evaluation, and treatment, including planning, placement, and accessibility. It will address challenges of inclusivity and unique power-and-control dynamics. Illustrative video excerpts will enhance the participant’s experience. This training will satisfy the Specific Offender Population – LGBT+ application, required 14 hours of training.


1. Understand unique aspects of history, culture, and research which can influence the presence of domestic violence in LGBTQ+ communities.

2. Understand LGBTQ-specific terminologies and nomenclature.

3. Identify LGBTQ-specific considerations to utilize when writing DVOMB-Standards-compliant Domestic Violence Evaluations.

4. Identify LGBTQ-specific components to employ when providing DVOMB-Standards-compliant Domestic Violence Treatment.


Date - TBD

Location: Colorado Springs Area - TBD

Cost - $100

Length of Training - 14 Hours


We need a minimum of 30 individuals to sign up for pre-registration before we can schedule this training. If interested, please submit the form linked below. For questions, please contact ODVSOM Training staff

Pre-Registration Form