OCC: Implementation & Technical Assistance


Implementation & Technical Assistance

The Office of Community Corrections offers Implementation Support and Technical Assistance to programs dedicated to ongoing skill development and high quality programming.  Engaging with our office for Implementation Support includes in depth, long term work with programs from a cultural, leadership and organizational level. This will provide staff and leadership with the necessary resources to engage in ongoing skill development and bridge the gap between research and practice, ultimately improving outcomes. 

Engaging with our office for Technical Assistance involves standardized training that provides resources and increases knowledge about job related practices.  Technical assistance also includes support for simple problem solving and resource brokering.  To learn more about Implementation Support and Technical Assistance with OCC, please submit an email below.

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Consultation & Strategic Planning Support

Providing accurate information and facilitating discussions to support program excellence and quality improvement.

The Office of Community Corrections offers strategic planning support for Board and Program Improvement.  Using the P.A.C.E and Core Security Evaluations, the Integrated Technical Assistance Team can assist in the determination of strategic planning priorities that may inform a direction for future practice improvement.