OCC: Staff Contact Information

OCC Staff Contact Information


OCC Leadership

Katie Ruske, Manager | C: 303-704-9277 | E: katie.ruske@state.co.us

Valarie Schamper, Deputy Manager | C: 303-476-8391 | E: valarie.schamper@state.co.us

Billing, Contracts & Fiscal Issues

Arlene Duran | O: 303-239-4548 | E: arlene.duran@state.co.us (Monday/Tuesday)

Tammy Russ | O: 303-239-4548 | E: tamara.russ@state.co.us (Wednesday/Thursday)

CCIB, Advisory Council & Program Assistance

CCIB, Critical Incident Reports & Advisory Council

Wendy Bacchi | O: 303-239-4586 | C: 303-919-9655 | E: wendy.bacchi@state.co.us

OCC Program Assistant 
Kellen Lemos | O: | E: kellen.lemos@state.co.us 


HB18-1251 Implementation & Transition

Chrystal Owin | C: 303-968-8492 | E: chrystal.owin@state.co.us

Program Auditing & Quality Assurance

RSAT & Child Support Enforcement, Program Auditing & Quality Assurance

Mindy Miklos | O: 303-239-4474 | E: mindy.miklos@state.co.us (Tue/Wed)


Core Security, Program Auditing & Quality Assurance

Shawna Nichols | C: 720-688-3793| E: shawna.nichols@state.co.us 

Ellen Dawson | C: 720-626-8793 | E: ellen.dawson@state.co.us 

Jeff Jorden | C: 720-788-6033 | E: jeff.jorden@state.co.us 

Ta'Shana Sanders | C: 303-416-0188 | E: tashana.sanders@state.co.us 


Specialized Program Auditing & Quality Assurance

Ellen Dawson | C: 720-626-8793 | E: ellen.dawson@state.co.us 


PREA, Program Auditing & Quality Assurance

Jeff Jorden | C: 720-788-6033 | E: jeff.jorden@state.co.us 

Fidelity, Process Implementation, Training & Technical Assistance

Fidelity, Process Implementation, Training & Technical Assistance Supervisors

Cara Wagner, Supervisor | C: 720-688-0042 | E: cara.wagner@state.co.us 

Tahnee Santambrogio, Supervisor | C: 303-396-9882 | E: tahnee.santambrogio@state.co.us 


PACE & EBP - Program Fidelity and Evaluations

Shane Fowler | C: 720-520-1414 | E: shaneh.fowler@state.co.us 

Rodrigo Luevano | C: 720-765-9831 | E: rodrigo.luevano@state.co.us 

Morayma (Mo) Trejo | C: (720) 626-9907 | E: morayma.trejo@state.co.us 

Matthew Tullis | C: 303-552-4718 | E: matthew.tullis@state.co.us 


Process Implementation & Fidelity

Cara Wagner | C: 720-688-0042 | E: cara.wagner@state.co.us 


Implementation & Technical Assistance Specialist

Kate Coates | C: 303-917-0263 | E: kate.coates@state.co.us 

Media Request 

For media inquiries contact Paula Vargas


CORA Requests

To request public records under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) or Criminal Justice Records Act, please submit a CORA request form.

Per provisions of CORA and the CDPS Colorado Open Records Act Policy, the Division of Criminal Justice may charge for research and retrieval of public records.  The first hour of time associated with research and retrieval of public records is provided at no cost.  For more than one hour, a maximum hourly rate is $30 for research and retrieval of public records.  A quote will be given and payment must be received prior to retrieval work.

In order to expedite service and minimize research/retrieval time and fees, it helps to be as specific in your request as possible. When possible, include information such as:

  • The specific agency and unit you believe is the custodian of the record (we may be able to help determine this if you do not know)
  • The specific document(s) you are looking for, or the type of document if you don't know the specific name
  • The specific individuals or agencies referenced in the records (e.g. the name of a specific community corrections facility)
  • The date of the record or the time frame for various records (e.g. board minutes from Jan. 15, 2021 or all board minutes from Jan. 1, 2015-Dec. 31, 2015)
Accommodations Request

Assistive Technology and Accommodations

The Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) strives to ensure equal access to the services we provide to everyone with and without disabilities.

DCJ has assistive technology available to provide accessibility services during the classes that we offer. Available accessibility services include, but are not limited to:

  • American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters
  • Assistance for visual accommodation
  • Written course materials
  • Print material in a digital format
  • Assistive listening device

To best meet reasonable accommodation needs for effective communication or a reasonable modification to programs, services, or activities, please complete an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accommodation Request Form, a week prior to the activity or event.

DCJ will make every effort to provide requested reasonable accommodations, however, failure to notify DCJ of requested accommodations at least 3 business days prior to the class date may result in delay or denial of the accommodation.

Select a division name below to be directed to their accommodation request form and additional information.

For additional information please visit our website: https://dcj.colorado.gov/dcj-accessibility