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Recently Approved Changes

Appendix I Implementation date of September 30, 2022

Description of changes: Prior to COVID-19, the DVOMB Standards prohibited the use of teletherapy. There were many reasons for this, but the biggest reason was the lack of research about its use with domestic violence offenders. In order to prevent disruptions to client services and to protect victims, the DVOMB authorized the temporary use of teletherapy through an expedited variance process. A majority of DVOMB Providers used or are currently using this variance to conduct sessions via teletherapy. The proposed changes in Appendix I provide a framework for DVOMB Approved Providers to exercise discretion in determining for whom and when teletherapy is appropriate. These requirements are the result of survey feedback, stakeholder input, and the current literature that is available.

GP 3.06 Implementation date of July 1, 2022

Description of changes: This is a new Guiding Principle to be added to Section 3.0 of the Standards as part of the other Guiding Principles. The Guiding Principles in Section 3.0 serve as the philosophical foundation upon which the Standards were developed. These provisions shape and underscore important ethical and victim-centered tenets of the Standards. This new Guiding Principle is not different in that it stresses the importance to recognize the client’s background, the Provider’s own background, and how both affect the client-provider relationship and that a client’s background is never an excuse or justification for domestic violence or abusive behaviors.

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Recent ratifications by the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (DVOMB) are listed below. Public comments may be submitted for consideration by the Board prior to the identified deadlines. Public comments are considered confidential and any identifying information will be removed when presented to the Board.

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