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1. Outpatient Correctional Treatment Funds (CTF)

Community Corrections Stakeholders, 

Based on feedback from all of you and the data on the utilization of funding provided by the Correctional Treatment Board for treatment with those with substance use treatment needs, we have updated the policy on the utilization of these funds. Most of the policy has remained the same with the most significant changes including:

Clarification on allowance to utilize the funds for DUI Level II 4+ Treatment
Increase in allowance of Recovery Support Services up to 25%
Edited list of Recovery Support Services to align with Correctional Treatment Board Guidance

OCC CTF Outpatient Funding Policy Revised March 2024

We hope that you will find these updates to be advantageous to providing support for needed services to clients. Please reach out with any questions.

2. Office of Community Corrections CCC-020: Incident Notification and Resolution

You asked for it and we did it. There is an updated Critical Incident Form for use by stakeholders to report standards-prescribed incidents at their facilities. The updated form includes the following changes:

This form can now be used as the initial PREA report.
More space for the incident description.
More space for the status of the incident and the actions being taken. 
A new section for follow-up information received/discovered after the initial report.
We hope you find these updates helpful. If you have feedback or any questions regarding this process or form, please don't hesitate to contact our office. Thank you!