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Integrated Services


Training and Implementation Support

Through training, staff are introduced to concepts and skills necessary to perform their duties. With established and continuous competency, leadership and organizational supports in place, staff have the necessary resources to engage in ongoing skill development; bridging the gap between research and practice ultimately improving outcomes.

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Providing accurate information and facilitating discussions to support program excellence and quality improvement.

  • Colorado Community Corrections Standards
  • Community Corrections Information and Billing System (CCIB)
  • Program Assessment for Correctional Excellence (P.A.C.E)
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Core Security Audits

Strategic Planning Support

The Office of Community Corrections offers strategic planning support for Board and Program Improvement.  Using the P.A.C.E and Core Security Evaluations, the Integrated Technical Assistance Team can assist in the determination of strategic planning priorities that may inform a direction for future practice improvement.


Technical Assistance

Case Planning
Develop SMART case plan goals relevant to 1) criminogenic needs and 2) the client.

Motivational Interviewing
Expand empathy and partnership in Community Corrections staff, as well as cultivate change talk and soften sustain talk.

Behavioral Interventions and Skill Training with Directed Practice
Advance Communities of Practice and share these evidence-based practices (EBPs) with staff and management.

Contingency Management
Integrate appropriate responses to desirable and undesirable behavior effectively.

How it works


Services Include:

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When requesting technical assistance, please provide the following information:

  • Name of organization
  • Name and contact information of the individual making request
  • Name and contact information of the agency director
  • Detailed description of the request
  • Desired outcome
  • Expected timeframe for services

Submit requests to Liz Craig.

Our team will respond to your agency’s request in a timely and professional manner. It is our goal to enter into a collaborative working alliance with community corrections boards and programs requesting services.

Brochure of Services 

Our Team


Liz Craig

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Email:  liz.craig@state.co.us 
Phone: 720-633-3811

Training & Technical Assistance Specialist

Liz Craig is the Training & Technical Assistance Specialist with the Division of Criminal Justice, Office of Community Corrections. She provides support to the PACE and Core Security evaluation processes and works with community corrections boards and programs to provide technical assistance through consultation, training, coaching, and informal fidelity measurement.

Requests can be submitted via email to Liz Craig.