Over $1.5 Million in Grants Available for County Jails to Participate in the Colorado Trusted Interoperability Platform

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The application process for the Colorado Trusted Interoperability Platform (CTIP) program is now open through May 16, 2024.

Colorado is the first in the nation to launch a platform designed to exchange vital data and information between county jails about persons in custody.

“It is an opportunity to leverage technology and continue improving the lives of all those who call Colorado home, " said Mathew M Lunn, director of the Division of Criminal Justice. “CTIP is a tool developed to enhance the accuracy of digital information with the goal to improve the outcomes directly tied to health and safety of those in the county jail system and staff assisting them during and after the process.”

CTIP was designed by the Office of Research and Statistics (ORS), within the Division of Criminal Justice, in collaboration with the Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (CICJIS) and the Colorado Office of Information Technology. CTIP is an innovative platform connecting Colorado county jails with the ability to search, log and exchange information about anyone going through a Colorado county jail system:

  • Custodial Data (Jail to Jail)
  • Statutory Reporting Data (Jail to CDPS)
  • Failure to Appear (Jail to Judicial)

A pilot program successfully launched in 2023-2024 with four selected Colorado jails:

  • Arapahoe 
  • Broomfield 
  • Denver 
  • Moffat

The grant period begins December 1, 2024, through June 30, 2026, giving grant-awarded jails over 18 months to work with CDPS and manage the integration process. 

Jail agencies interested in participating, visit the CTIP website for the full grant application information and review the Colorado Trusted Interoperability Platform Technical Specifications document outlining the requirements for participating.

Diagram of the Colorado Trusted Interoperability Platform system