File a Formal Complaint (Victims Rights Act)

Crime victims are afforded rights pursuant to the Colorado Constitution. If you feel as though your victim rights have not been provided to you by one or more criminal justice agencies, you may choose to file a complaint.

It is recommended, though not required, that you first attempt to resolve your concerns at the local level. Here are some examples of how you might attempt to address your concerns:

  • Discuss your concerns with the person you feel has not provided you with your rights;
  • Seek assistance from your victim advocate or another supportive person such as a counselor;
  • Seek assistance from the elected official or head of the agency that you feel is not providing you with your rights.

Prior to submitting a formal complaint, take a look at some answers to Common VRA Complaint Process Questions or contact the Victim Rights Act (VRA) Specialist directly at or by calling (303) 239-4497.

What to Expect

Once you have decided whether or not to file a formal complaint, you should be aware of What to Expect throughout the complaint process. Once you submit a complaint to the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice, OVP staff will gather the information necessary for the Victim Rights Act Subcommittee to review the concerns in your complaint and determine whether your rights under the Victim Rights Act (VRA) have been provided.


Please contact the Victim Rights Act Specialist at the Division of Criminal Justice at (303) 239-4497 if you have any questions about filing a complaint, to receive a complaint form, or to discuss whether your concerns fall within the purview of the Colorado Victim Rights Act.