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Statute: 24-33.5-503 (1) (aa) & (2). C.R.S. [see also, H.B. 2015-1273]
Reporting: District Attorneys & Law Enforcement Agencies

The Office of Research and Statistics (ORS), pursuant to 24-33.5-503(1)(aa) & (2), collects data annually from law enforcement and district attorneys on criminal justice contacts with students. 

The requirements appeared in House Bill 2015-1273, which expanded on House Bill 2012-1345. Data is submitted annually to ORS by August 1 of every year, any criminal justice contacts with students that occurred between August 1 and July 31 of the immediately preceding school year. Data collection requirements for law enforcement can be found in 22-32-146, C.R.S. and for District Attorneys in 20-1-113, C.R.S.

Data Submission Request

Incident reports are not submitted at this website and MUST NOT be transmitted by email due to privacy protections.

To submit data, an agency representative must request a secure login. To receive a secure login and submission instructions, please use the ORS Request form and provide the information requested below. We will contact you via email with login information.

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To facilitate and standardize this data collection, you must use the templates provided below to report your information to ORS or create a file using the specific format described in the "Instructions" links (below).

Reporting Templates
District AttorneysLaw Enforcement Agencies

Diversion Template
Excel DA Diversion Template

Incident Template
Excel LEA Diversion Template