ODVSOM: Sex Offender Management Board Adult & Juvenile Training

Core Trainings


SOMB 100 - Intro to Colorado SOMB

Provides basic information on the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB), legislation, and overview of characteristics and statistics of the offending population. Includes a brief overview of registration, Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) assessment, and community notification.


FORMAT: In Person Only

COST: Free

CEU: 6 hours

AUDIENCE: Open to all professionals, community members, and individuals interested in this population

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SOMB 101 - SOMB Standards Overview

Overview of the SOMB, legislative mandate, and Provider Data Management System (PDMS), introduction to the Adult and Juvenile Standards. 

  • Intermediate level
  • Full day
  • Open to professional members of CST/MDTs, professionals involved in oversight of offending population


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SOMB 102 - Advanced Series: Standards and Policy Implementation

Advanced training geared towards implementation of the Standards for members of the CST/MDT – Supervising Officers, Evaluators, Treatment Providers, Polygraph Examiners, and Victim Professionals. 

  • Full day/multi-day training
  • Advanced level
  • For Approved Providers & professional members of the CST
  • As needed for other professionals

PREREQUISITE: SOMB 101 and Recorded Standards Introduction, or as directed by presenter/trainer

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SVP & Community Notification Training

Sexually Violent Predator (SVP) Community Notification for law enforcement:

Courses Available by Request


In-Person & Virtual Presentations for Groups of 20+

LENGTH: Varies depending on the course

COST: Free

AUDIENCE: Agencies that deal with sex offenders, community corrections, law enforcement, parents, school staff, and community members

The Office of Sex Offender Management can provide the following trainings upon request:

  • Community Education
  • Informed Supervision
  • Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT)
  • Role of the Victim Advocate in a MDT/CST
  • Section 5.7- Contact With Children
  • "Sexting: Balancing the Law, Teens, Technology, and Bad Choices" (Training for professionals, parents, and/or youth)
  • Victim Clarification

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