ODVSOM: Sex Offender Management Board Adult Approved Supervisor Process


Requirements & Responsibilities

Individuals seeking status as an Approved Supervisor for an adult under supervision for a sex offense must meet all of the requirements in Section 5.7 of the Standards.

These requirements include a criminal background check:

  1. An online check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigations: This can be completed online for a fee, sent via email, or given directly to the approved treatment provider.
  2. A Federal Bureau of Investigations criminal history check: This is completed by obtaining a fingerprint card from a third-party vendor and mailing the fingerprint card along with the required documentation to the FBI. You can request the results be sent directly to the approved supervisor.  
    • No code is needed to obtain the FBI check.
    • Individuals will take their prints from the third-party vendor and send them directly to the FBI via mail.

Background Check Resources

SOMB Standards

Standards and Guidelines for the Assessment, Evaluation, Treatment and Behavioral Monitoring of Adult Sex Offenders - Revised November 2023

Colorado Bureau of Investigation

CBI Records Check Online

Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI Instructions

Approved Vendors - Fingerprinting Services

Two approved vendors are providing fingerprinting services on behalf of CBI and each vendor has multiple locations throughout Colorado. You must initiate the process through the vendor's website:

*These Vendors DO NOT send fingerprints to the FBI. You must mail the fingerprints on your own.