Find Community Corrections Programs

This page contains a list of Community Corrections Programs and Specialized Treatment Programs in Colorado. These are independent entities from state government.

Community Corrections Programs are listed by Judicial District, Program Name, Population Served such as male, female, or combined.  Phone numbers, addresses, and the director's name are provided. Use the spreadsheet or map to locate a community corrections program. 

Specialized treatment programs include intensive residential treatment and substance abuse therapeutic community.  Details are on the program list and include provider name, location, gender of the population served, length of stay, substance abuse level, mental health level, and medical level served according to Community Corrections standards, and whether the provider serves sex offenders, violent offenders, and parolees.

Community Corrections Programs

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Community Corrections Programs Facility Map

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Specialized Treatment Programs in Community Corrections - Quick Reference Guide


This is a map showing Colorado's judicial districts
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