Colorado Community Corrections Standards & Statutes

The Office of Community Corrections establishes Community Corrections Standards under the advisement of the Governor's Community Corrections Advisory Council. These standards establish minimum levels of service within Colorado community corrections programs and seek to reduce risks associated with managing offenders in the community.

We Need Your Help!

The Office of Community Corrections is engaging all stakeholders in a Standards review process from January to March 2022.

Because collaboration is a core value of our office, we ask you, our valued community corrections stakeholders, to contribute to the process. Beginning January 3, 2022, look for a survey to be distributed every three (3) weeks. In each survey, you can provide feedback and volunteer for a workgroup to review the section in detail. You have four (4) weeks after the release date to complete each survey.

Working groups begin in February. We want a variety of stakeholder group representation, so please express your interest in participating in your survey response!


Here’s how the process will work:

The Standards will be available via survey found on this website or in your email inbox.  Look for four (4) installments: 

  • Client Supervision (CS)
  • Environment/Facility (EF), Communication/Coordination/Collaboration (CCC), and Organizational Management/Accountability (OMA)
  • Program Development (PD) and Staff Development (SD)
  • Client Development (CD)



Survey start date for each of the four (4) installments:

  • January 3, 2022 
  • January 24, 2022 
  • February 14, 2022 
  • March 7, 2022 

There will be one workgroup for each survey.  If you indicated interest on the survey in serving on that working group, you will be contacted with more details. If you have not been contacted within one month of the survey's close date, please reach out to Chrystal Owin.

The final recommendations will be presented to the Governor’s Advisory Council during their June 2022 meeting.

Submit a General Comment

General comments can be submitted by email to Chrystal Owin or by phone at 303-968-8492. 

While we invite all ideas, the submissions considered will be those that further our mission of supporting our community partners in delivering superior services to clients and building a stronger, safer Colorado.

Thank you for your investment in community corrections and in advance for your participation in our Standards Review process! 

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The following statutes and laws govern community corrections in Colorado.

16-11-102.4 Genetic testing of convicted offenders
16-22-102 Definitions
16-22-103 Sex offender registration - required - applicability - exception
16-22-105 Notice - requirements - residence - presumption
16-22-106 Duties - probation department - community corrections administrator - court personnel - jail personnel - notice
16-22-108 Registration - procedure - frequency - place - change of address - fee
16-23-103 Collection of biological samples from persons arrested for or charged with felonies
17-27-101 Legislative declaration
17-27-102 Definitions
17-27-103 Community corrections boards - establishment - duties
17-27-103.5 Statements relating to a transitional referral to community corrections
17-27-104 Community corrections programs operated by units of local government, state agencies, or non-governmental agencies
17-27-106 Escape from custody from a community corrections program
17-27-108 Division of Criminal Justice in the Department of Public Safety - duties - community corrections contracts
18-1.3-301 Authority to place offenders in community corrections programs (formerly 17-27-105)
18-7-701 Sexual conduct in a correctional institution.
HB 18-1251 House Bill 1251
PREA (Federal) National Prison Rape Elimination Act Standards