LE Recruitment Grant Program FAQs


What are examples of best practices from the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice?

Examples of best practices from the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice include:


  • Internally identify priorities along with the priorities of the community.
  • Collaboratively work with stakeholders to conduct a thorough assessment of what critical characteristics and traits qualify an individual as a candidate for employment with their agency. 
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for recruitment.
  • Assure the validity of, and periodically audit, all testing instruments
  • Offer recruitment and retention incentives.
  • Reduce the time it takes to apply for and receive an offer from an agency.


  • Increase staff engagement in the agency, allowing for both top-down and bottom-up input into policies, procedures, and operations.
  • Develop formal procedures for exit interviews to identify reasons for leaving. 
  • Examine salary and benefit packages and incentive programs to ensure that they are competitive in the field. 


  • Develop strategies to collaboratively work with stakeholders to develop minimum standards for annual online and in-person continuing education requirements. These should include the most significant areas and critical topics required, as well as the minimum training hours required for each. 
How do I find my project application if I don’t complete it all at the same time?

When you log into ZOOMGRANTS (ZG), click on My Account Home. Any incomplete applications will appear under the Incomplete tab. If the application deadline has passed the incomplete applications will move the to the Archived tab.

What do I do if I get the message that I exceeded the maximum length for a question? 

If there is a character limit it will appear with each question. As you type, a box indicates how many characters are remaining. There may be a slight discrepancy in character counts upon saving the answer. Carriage Returns count as two (2) characters when SAVED, but count as one (1) characters when TYPING/EDITING. The final characters count may be off by 1 character for each carriage return. You may need to shorten your answer if your initial answer uses the maximum character limit.

How do I submit more than one application for my agency?

A ZG account is linked to an individual within an agency, and not the agency as a whole. If your agency has distinct and separate projects with different project directors each project director should have his/her own account. (Unless the agency decides to have a singular generic account owner that provides project director access to each application on a case by case basis). 

  • If your agency has multiple ZG accounts, each account may submit one or more applications.
  • If a single ZG account holder would like to submit more than one application, you may accomplish this in one of two ways:
    1. Apply Again – creates a new blank application
      • Login 
      • Click Apply Again to create a new Application.
    2. Duplicate Application – copies an application within the same Grant Program and allows you to edit it. 
      • Under My Account Home find the application you want to duplicate (it will be under either the Incomplete or Submitted tab).
      • Click Duplicate and a copy of the application will open an allow you to edit.
 Do we need to include a breakdown budget for any contractors/vendors?

Yes. A line item budget must be included in the budget narrative under the consultants/contract (professional services) category. Suggested budget format is: list personnel, supplies and operating, travel, equipment, and contracted services or professional services. The budget should include only those items for which you are requesting funding.

Does the system allow for review by our Appointing Authority?

Prior to application submission by the division, all applications must be reviewed and approved by our Authorizing Authority so that s/he has the opportunity to evaluate projects to determine if they are in keeping with our mission and goals and do not violate laws or regulations.  Is that possible in the system?

Yes, you can “Print/Preview” the application prior to submission. This can be found on the top right corner of the individual application. You may save to PDF and/or print it.

Do the character limits in the sections include the spaces between words?

Yes. Be advised, hitting Return also uses two (2) characters.

We have not registered with SAM and do not have an UEI, will this stop us from submitting an application?

Yes. Please contact DCJ if you are currently registering with SAM or if you are reactivating your registration, but have not yet completed the process.

How do I update my SAM end date on my new application?

Using data released by the federal government, ZOOMGRANTS completes a SAM verification (via each applicant’s UEI) and presents the results for each applicant in the Application Summary tab of their applications.

The federal government releases this data every month, and SAM checks are completed once an applicant submits their application and are automatically updated monthly, following the release of the new data.

The SAM verification will only appear in the Application Summary tab on an application if the applicant has entered a valid UEI.

Can you please advise the end date for the award period? The date is stated as December 31, 2025 on the program page online at dcj.colorado.gov, however, the date is stated as January 31, 2025 on page 3 of the LE Announcement document.

The correct award period is January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2025.  There was an error in the LE Announcement document that has been corrected.

In the Senate Bill under Section 3, most of the sections state that these are for POST Certified and Non-Certified Law Peace Officers. IX and X just state Law Enforcement Workforce so we just wanted to verify if this still just pertains to POST and Non-certified Peace Officers or the Law Enforcement Agency as a whole.

If you take a look at the eligible activities it will give you a better idea on what these funds can be used for and by whom. I would encourage you to be as specific as possible in your application about what you are requesting and how it fits the legislative intent of the program in which you are applying.

Will funds from the FY1 automatically roll over to FY2 if not used in FY1, as the current grant did?

It will not be necessary for these grants to roll from FY1 to FY2, as we are not asking that budgets be broken down by fiscal year for this round of funding.

If we are awarded the grant, but not all of the money that we ask for, will it show which line items will not be covered or will it just be an amount and we have to decide what changes to make?

The Funding Committee will make a decisions on which items will be funded from your proposal. If they decide not to fully fund a project and there are items requested that do not fit within the legislative intent of the grant program you will be notified of what is not allowable.

Just verifying that if the current grant and the new grant have some of the same goals, money from the 1st grant will need to be used before the money from the 2nd grant can be used. If there are different goals, that allocated money can be used as of 01/01/2024.

That is correct.

When I log into ZoomGrants, there is only one application, and it looks to be for both grants. What is the difference between the two grant programs?

The LE Workforce and SMART grants are listed under the same funding opportunity in ZoomGrants; however, as you work through the application and answer questions, it will toggle to the program you are applying for. If you want to apply for both it requires two applications. While they do have similarities, they do have different intent.

  • SMART- The goal of the State’s Mission for Assistance in Recruiting and Training (SMART) Grant Program is to provide grants to law enforcement agencies to increase the number of P.O.S.T.-certified and non-certified law enforcement officers who are representative of the communities they serve and to provide training for those additional law enforcement officers.
  • LE Workforce - The goals of the Law Enforcement Workforce Recruitment, Retention, and Tuition Grant Program, as established by SB22-145, are to: Assist Law Enforcement Agencies in addressing workforce shortages, Improve the training given to POST certified Peace Officers, Improve relationships between Law Enforcement and impacted communities.
Would the LE Workforce or SMART grant pay for a civilian position created to follow through with leads generated by our recruitment software and ensuring interested persons receive information needed in a timely manner?

Please review the eligible activities for each grant program and be as specific as possible as to how your request fits within the legislative intent of the program in which you are applying.

How will it work if we have the current grant which runs through 6/2024 and this one which is for all of 2024 and 2025? Will our current grant offset the new grant, assuming we are awarded anything?

After the Committee makes their funding decisions, we will determine whether a new grant or an extension to a current grant is needed for grantees who are funded a second time. There will be a number of factors we will have to consider and will make a decision on each individual application for current grantees.

We tried to complete the financial management questionnaire on the new grant application and couldn't print or send a copy to attach to the grant application. Can you send it to us or do we need to complete it again?

We are using a JotForm for the Financial Management Questionnaire (FMQ) with the new applications and it does not provide a copy to upload. Once you fill out the FMQ and press submit, nothing further is needed relating to the FMQ for the application process.

For the LE Grant would gym memberships for officers qualify for other health related screening?

Gym memberships were funded through the LE Workforce grant previously. As with all requests, please make sure to provide as many details as possible as to how it fits within the legislative intent of the program.

We are looking for tuition help for sending 3 to the academy in August. The award period starts in January. Would we be able to be reimbursed for something from August of 2023?

The award period for the 2nd round of funding will be January 1, 2023 to January 31, 2025; the grant funds can only pay for approved expenses within this timeframe.