JJDP Council Members


Council members are appointed by the Governor to serve a 4-year term, which can be renewed once, unless the Governor's Office makes an exception. The Council is federally recognized as the official State Advisory Group to the Governor on juvenile justice and delinquency prevention. The federal government requires a certain percentage of the State Advisory Group to be made up of youth members. Members are considered to be "youth" if appointed prior to the age of 26. They make up a subcommittee of the Council called the Emerging Leaders. Here they are indicated with an asterisk next to their name. If you would like to know more about how to serve on the Council, contact kelly.abbott@state.co.us.


Will Hays Appointed June, 2012
JJDP Council Chair                
Hilltop Community Resources, Inc.

*Malaysia Atwater Appointed March, 2018

*Ciara Benner Appointed March, 2018

Hon. Michelle Brinegar Appointed August, 2014
District Court Judge

*Paige Brown Appointed March, 2018  

Brian Bumbarger - Appointed July, 2020 
Colorado State University

Stacie CollingAppointed August, 2015  
CO Alternative Defense Counsel

Sheri M. Danz - Appointed December, 2019 
Office of Child’s Representative

Rep. Lindsey Daugherty - Appointed June 2022

Colorado House Representative

*Viviana de la Torre - Appointed June 2022

Julie DeNicola - Appointed June 2022
Stepping Stones Advocacy, LLC

*Samual Elfay  - Appointed October, 2018      

Al EstradaAppointed January, 2017  
Division of Youth Services

Lt. Kelly FriesonAppointed June 2022

Grand County Sheriff's Department

Juvenile Diversion/CYDC Coordinator

Charles Gilford  - Appointed July, 2020
City and County of Denver

Rebecca Gleason - Appointed March, 2018   
18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office

Diana Goldberg - Appointed July, 2020

Lisa Neal Graves - Appointed December, 2019 

Community Member

Thomas Harbaugh - Appointed July, 2020
State Court Administrator’s Office

Kira Jukes - Appointed July, 2020
Juvenile Assessment Center, 1st JD        

David J. Kollar - Appointed December, 2019
Jefferson County Public Schools

Tracy Kraft-Tharp - Appointed August, 2013
House of Representatives

Matthew Lunn  - Appointed June 2022

Denver Police Department

Claire Morrow  - Appointed December, 2019
Tennyson Center for Children

*Crystal Murillo - Appointed July, 2016

Kyle Ragland  - Appointed July, 2020  
Weld County Department of Human Services

Paula Ramaekers-Mattas - Appointed August, 2017
Mesa County Partners Executive Director    

Kelli Reidford - Appointed July, 2020
Office of Behavioral Health

Daniel Sampson - Appointed June 2022

Driven by Our Ambitions (DBORA)

*Joespeh Shelton - Appointed June 2022

Stephanie Seibold - Appointed December, 2019
Office of the Colorado State Public Defender

Alisiana Medina - Appointed June 2022

Denver Indian Family Resource Center

*Youth member