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2024 Byrne State Crisis Intervention Program (Byrne SCIP) - Byrne SCIP focuses on gun violence and the programs and initiatives that target the risk factors that are likely to lead to this kind of violence.  The purpose of Byrne SCIP is to provide funding for the creation and/or implementation of crisis intervention court proceedings, extreme risk protection order (ERPO) programs/initiatives, and related gun violence reduction programs/initiatives as authorized by the Bipartisan Safer Communities Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022.    

Please see the 2024 Byrne State Crisis Intervention Program (SCIP) grant page for more information.


Please check back regularly for new funding opportunities. 

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ALERT (10/29/20):   On 11/30/20, GSA will be updating the SAM mail server to require TLS 1.2 or higher.  This is a behind-the-scenes update, meaning that your access to SAM.gov via browser or web service client will not be affected at all.  Since the SAM mail server will require TLS 1.2, if you utilize email on aging or insecure mail servers will no longer receive SAM email alerts once these changes are in place.  You will still be able to communicate with SAM via browser and conduct business, but emails such as Entity expiration notifications or role notifications will no longer arrive at your mailbox.

This requirement should be seamless to most users, particularly if you use popular Cloud hosted mail services such as Gmail or Hotmail.

To ensure that your system is compliant with the TLS changes, please do the following self-test:

  1. Go to TLS Test Receiver.
  2. In the Input Fields section, enter your email address as the eMail Target and select “SSLDetail” as the Output Format.  Click the Run Test button to run the scan.
  3. When the results return, scan for the following line “SSLVersion in use:” in the results.  Observe the TLS / SSL version, if any to see the highest version of TLS that your mail server is configured for.

You may also reach out to your mail provider or security officer verify the security settings of your mail system.  If your system already supports TLS 1.2/1.3, no further changes are necessary.  If your mail system only supports TLS 1.1 or lower, you will no longer receive notification emails from SAM once these changes are in place.  Once your mail system is updated to TLS 1.3, regular email notifications with SAM will resume.  If your system only supports TLS 1.1 or lower and you have any additional questions, please reach out to the Federal Service Desk.

ALERT (3/30/20):   Administrative Relief for Recipients and Applicants of DCJ Grants Directly Impacted by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Effective March 16, 2020