Decision to Refer to Diversion


Questions/Data to Review:

  • Who is served by diversion, by ethnicity?
  • Do youth need to admit guilt in order to receive diversion?
  • Is there a difference by ethnicity in youth served by pre-adjudication versus postadjudication diversion programs?
  • Diversion services can be broken out by type: Supervision, Treatment,
    Accountability, Restorative Justice, and Competency services. Does the type of
    service delivered differ by ethnicity?
  • Are programs/services being utilized equally effective for all ethnicities? What are
    the program completion rates by ethnicity? What are the outcomes for youth by
    ethnicity (recidivism, academic improvement, employment, family stability,
  • What youth and program factors are associated with (reduced) recidivism? Is
    there a difference by ethnicity in the proportions of youth who receive a
    diagnostic assessment for mental health or substance use needs?
  • Colorado’s standard criterion for recidivism is a filing or filings for a new offense
    either while the juvenile was in the program or up to one year after they exited
    the program. Are there differences in recidivism rates by ethnicity?
  • Is there a difference by ethnicity on the referral source for youth to diversion
    (police, courts, or probation)?
  • Is there a difference in average program duration by ethnicity?