Decision to Detain

Chief Justice’s Order that provides rules related to use of detention in that jurisdiction


Questions/Data to Review:

  • Is there a difference by ethnicity of youth screened for detention?
  • What is the number and percent of youth screened to each level by ethnicity?
  • Are the reasons for detention different by ethnicity? Look specifically at warrants such as Failure to Appear and Failure to Comply.
  • Do the levels of risk on the CJRA for youth detained differ by ethnicity?
  • Which elements in the CJRA account for the differences in risk?
  • What are the reasons that low-risk youth were detained? Does this differ by ethnicity?
  • Are there issues with the availability of alternatives, availability of parents, or other items that might differ by ethnicity or geography?
  • Was there agreement between the recommended placement level under the JDSAG and the actual placement?
    • If not, how does this differ by ethnicity?
  • Are there differences in leave reasons for youth based on ethnicity?
  • For the negative terminations are there differences by ethnicity?

Other factors:

  • Length of stay – does it differ by race/ethnicity – look at both the average and the ranges (minimum, maximum)
  • Seriousness of offense
  • Misdemeanor or felony
  • Offender age and gender
  • Differences between districts