2020 CESF Grant Funding Recipients

These are grant summaries for applications that were funded in 2020.

PDF version of 2020 CESF Funding Recipients


Judicial Districts

16th Judicial District Attorney's Office - $85,300

PROJECT TITLE: 16th Judicial District COVID - 19 Relief Fund

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-16-1

Agency: 16th Judicial District Attorney's Office

Federal Award: $85,300.00

Summary: Provide resources through the purchase of technology equipment to enable essential employees to work remotely and to allow for video court appearances; make adjustments to existing office space by eliminating open plan work stations and providing space for victim services to meet with victims, and installation of technology to reduce the number of people entering the building at any given time.

Denver District Attorney's Office - $175,881

PROJECT TITLE: Denver District Attorney CESF Project

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-2-22

Agency: Denver District Attorney's Office

Federal Award: $175,881.00

Summary: The Denver District Attorney's Office requests funding to support two victim advocate positions, which are vacant because of recent retirements and departures. The city-mandated hiring freeze due to Covid-19 has left the office unable to fill the positions. The role the victim advocate plays is critical to the functioning of this office and the provision of services to victims of crime. Funding is also needed to purchase PPE and cleaning materials to protect staff and the citizens they serve.

District Attorney's Office, 11th Judicial District - $105,680

PROJECT TITLE: Technology Upgrades

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-11-26

Agency: District Attorney's Office, 11th Judicial District

Federal Award: $105,680.00

Summary: The 11th Judicial District needs laptops, docking stations, and network improvements, including Office365, so employees are able to perform their duties remotely during Covid-19. To keep up with the demands we face, we need to upgrade our equipment and move to cloud-based email. In addition, by replacing desktop computers with laptops, prosecutors could make court appearances from home.

District Attorney's Office, 20th Judicial District - $671,832

PROJECT TITLE: Coronavirus Justice Response & Reform Plan

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-20-27

Agency: District Attorney's Office, 20th Judicial District

Federal Award: $671,832.00

Summary: Due to the pandemic, we had to cease nearly all court appearances, reducing our jail population by over 50%, and modifying arrest standards, all of which of we aim to continue for at least another 18 months. These highly effective measures also resulted in a significant backlog and our current triage is not sustainable. We need additional resources to increase pretrial release; enhance rehabilitative, re-entry supports, and diversion; and address the rise of familial abuse and behavioral health needs emerging during this pandemic. Additionally, we need resources to track jail releases and crime rates to evaluate these new practices to consider sustaining them long-term. Funds will be utilized to hire a Deputy District Attorney, Administrative Support, and a Re-Entry Coordinator. In addition, PPE, supplies, and equipment (laptops/technology) will be purchased.

Office of District Attorney, Eighth Judicial District - $176,728

PROJECT TITLE: COVID-19 Remote Work Readiness Project

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-8-40

Agency: Office of District Attorney, Eighth Judicial District

Federal Award: $176,728.00

Summary: To reduce the risk of exposure of our employees to the coronavirus, the Office of the District Attorney, 8th Judicial District implemented a Covid-19 response plan, which allowed all employees capable of teleworking to work from home. This project intends to improve remote work readiness as an efficient response to this pandemic, to improve the delivery of diversion service programming, as well as improve remote access to bond applications for more timely processing. Funds will cover office supplies, equipment (laptops, monitors, scanners, cell phones) software, PPE, diversion service funds, as well as professional services/consultants for the E-Bond Application project and Diversion Efficiency Project.

Office of the District Attorney, 21st Judicial District - $37,290

PROJECT TITLE: Supplies for COVID-19 Response and Prevention

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-21-41

Agency: Office of the District Attorney, 21st Judicial District

Federal Award: $37,290.00

Summary: To ensure the health and safety of the staff, defendants and victims served by the District Attorney's Office, grant funds are requested for equipment, PPE, and plexiglass dividers (which will reduce the likelihood of transmission of the virus between the prosecutor and the defendant during in-person court events). Laptops are necessary for staff to work remotely and facilitate flexible scheduling necessary to comply with reduced staffing directives. Webcams are needed to facilitate prosecutor participation in virtual court events.



Boulder County Sheriff's Office, Jail Division - $225,000

PROJECT TITLE: Boulder County Jail, Transitional Housing Assistance Project

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-20-5

Agency: Boulder County Sheriff's Office, Jail Division

Federal Award: $225,000.00

Summary: The Boulder County Jails (BCJ) Transitional Housing Assistance Program provides BCJ inmates who are actively participating in Jail Re-Entry programs and who have identified themselves as being homeless upon re-entry, to find and secure transitional housing prior to their release, and to receive case management support. This grant will support the creation of a newly developed Transitional Housing Coordinator position, to be housed at the jail, as well as the cost of transitional housing placement (which is structured on a
scaled system ranging from 3-90 days).

Delta County Alternative Sentencing Department - $100,466

PROJECT TITLE: Delta County Alternative Sentencing

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-7-21

Agency: Delta County Alternative Sentencing Department

Federal Award: $100,466.00

Summary: The purpose of this grant is to sustain the Alternative Sentencing Program that has lost funding due to Covid-19, which requires an enhancement of pretrial release protocols of accused offenders from jails, and sustained and enhanced screening processes and systems to track and support adults and/or juveniles released or diverted from incarceration. In order to address these needs, this grant will cover two different staff members with responsibilities to manage/broker/monitor resources vital to address issues and advocate for
offender/family toward efficacious outcomes, as well as assessment/program management. In addition, PPE, supplies, online offense-specific educational classes, and support services will be provided by this grant.

County Sheriffs of Colorado - $120,159

PROJECT TITLE: CESF Peace Officer Education

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-18-19

Agency: County Sheriffs of Colorado

Federal Award: $120,159.00

Summary: During a pandemic a Peace Officer's responsibility becomes increasingly complex, requiring new skills, coping mechanisms, ways of communicating, and operating. This project will deliver new curriculum for peace officers for operating during and after a pandemic, including jails, mental health, and engagement with the public. The project will also fill the training gap created from the cancellation of 2020 grant-funded courses due to public health concerns. Relevant and new curriculum provided in this training will be focused on mental health needs resulting from Covid-19, increased engagement with the public, and an effective online option for sustained training.

Denver Sheriff Department - $230,000

PROJECT TITLE: Denver Sheriff Department Transition and Safety Project

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-2-23

Agency: Denver Sheriff Department

Federal Award: $230,000.00

Summary: Our project consists of three categories that will help prevent contracting and the spreading of Covid-19 within our inmate population. The first category is transitional housing for released inmates to stay at hotels (by way of hotel vouchers). The goal of temporary housing is to divert people from the shelter system to allow for non-congregate housing. The second category is taxi vouchers with the goal to transport inmates safely to the hotels without risk of exposure from public transportation. The third category is to provide eight kiosk machines with the goal of decreasing the risk of exposure to Covid-19 through providing a free platform for professional visits for pre-trial services for inmates and their attorneys.

El Paso County Sheriff's Office - $672,377


Application Number: 2020-VD-20-4-29

Agency: El Paso County Sheriff's Office

Federal Award: $672,377.00

Summary: The primary objective of this project is to make all necessary efforts to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus throughout the El Paso County Sheriff's Office staff, inmate population, and community. In order to meet our goals, it is imperative that the Sheriff's office has the necessary sanitation and PPE items in order to make all reasonable efforts to disinfect and reduce possible spread through contamination of jail surfaces and office vehicles. PPE, sanitation supplies, hygiene items, styrofoam meal trays, chemicals, and equipment (Electrostatic sprayers) will be purchased to implement this initiative.

Fremont County Sheriff's Office - $195,996

PROJECT TITLE: Fremont County Detention Center Covid-19 mitigation

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-11-31

Agency: Fremont County Sheriff's Office

Federal Award: $195,996.00

Summary: The Fremont County Detention Center has an average daily population of 165. Working with stakeholders, the goal is to cut the population by 40%, two housing pods, so that these pods can be sanitized. Inmates will be transferred into the sanitized pods and emptied pods will then be sanitized until the facility is complete. In addition, we will need to conduct daily medical checks (two times per day on inmates and one time per day with staff). New incoming inmates will be segregated from other inmates for 14 days until medically cleared. This will require one additional medical staff per shift, three shifts per day, seven days a week, along with supervisory oversight by an RN and Medical Director; this grant will fund these positions. Additional funds for PPE for medical and detentions staff, sanitizing and disinfecting supplies, and Covid-19 test kits will also be utilized with this grant.

Gilpin County Sheriff's Office - $392,978

PROJECT TITLE: Gilpin County Sheriff's Office First Responder COVID-19 Assistance

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-1-32

Agency: Gilpin County Sheriff's Office

Federal Award: $392,978.00

Summary: Gilpin County Sheriff's Office (GCSO) is requesting funds to prevent deputy positions from being furloughed, eliminated, and/or reduced as a result of the Covid-19-triggered financial crisis. Funds are also being requested to fill vacant positions that are currently unable to be filled due to a hiring freeze. Gilpin County is primarily funded (60%) by the gaming (casino) industry and has seen a severe reduction in revenue, approximately one million per month, due to Covid-19. The casinos have been prohibited from operating since March and will be at a reduced capacity when they are able to reopen. GCSO is a small rural agency and needs to be fully staffed in order to perform essential daily operations. To continue to serve the citizens and ensure all laws are followed, the GCSO is in dire need of emergency grant funds, which would go toward a Detention's Deputy, Detention's Officer, Patrol Deputy, and Communications Dispatcher.

Grand County Juvenile Services Department - $196,461

PROJECT TITLE: Grand County Sheriff's Office CESF

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-14-34

Agency: Grand County Juvenile Services Department

Federal Award: $196,461.00

Summary: Grand County is projecting a 5.8 million dollar budget shortfall as a result of Covid-19. It was stated during a Board of County Commissioners meeting that the Sheriff's Office could lose up to 10 positions, and it is anticipated that funding for equipment (including patrol vehicles) and training will be cut. Grand County has approximately 15,000 residents, but we are a resort community and our population explodes up to 50,000 on any given weekend. This massive increase in population regularly puts a strain on our deputies and
services. The loss of positions would be catastrophic to the Sheriff's Office impacting our ability to maintain adequate public safety. This grant would be utilized for training (required certifications), as well as maintain three of our positions (Patrol Deputy, School Resources Officer, and Support Service) for two years. This funding will allow maintaining our current level of safety, services, and required staff.

Larimer County Criminal Justice Services - $383,837

PROJECT TITLE: Larimer County CJS COVID-19 Response and Recovery

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-8-36

Agency: Larimer County Criminal Justice Services

Federal Award: $383,837.00

Summary: To protect our offenders, we've halted significant elements of our services. The Health Dept. has worked closely with us to make strategic decisions. Currently, there are several hundred offenders waiting to enter our programs and the waitlist grows daily. The pretrial services caseload has increased 42% since the pandemic and the number of new offenses while on pretrial has doubled. Our work with clients continues with sustained effort toward public safety and offender success, but pre-pandemic accountability and resources
must be restored. We're developing safer ways to deliver electronic services to courts and defendants and we're carefully reopening our facilities to alleviate jail populations and support sentencing courts. Funding is needed for PPE and hand-cleaning stations, safety and cleaning supplies, plexiglass barriers, rented bedspace at Alternative Sentencing Dept. housing, temporary isolation housing, client residential supplies, technology and equipment (portable breathalyzers, electric home monitors, laptops, webcams, video conferencing licenses), and personnel (Correctional Services Specialists, Senior Staff, Employment, Transportation, and Victims Specialists and Case
Worker Temps).
PROJECT TITLE: COVID Health Safety and Distancing Grant

Mesa County Criminal Justice Services - $21,884

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-21-38

Agency: Mesa County Criminal Justice Services

Federal Award: $21,884.00

Summary: Mesa County Justice Services (MCJS) includes a Community Corrections Program, Pre-trial services, Useful Public Services program, as well as Diversion and GPS programs for the 21st Judicial District. MCJS will provide transitional support to in custody community corrections inmates transitioning to non-congregate housing by providing for the cost of monitoring software. This will increase the number of inmates who can safely be housed in the community, freeing space within the congregate housing for social distancing. This will provide increased safety equipment and hygiene supplies to protect the health of staff, in-custody, and community-based clients. Items needed include PPE, educational signage, increased disinfecting supplies and services, and hand sanitizing stations. Also needed is equipment for setting up self-screening stations to screen all staff for Covid-19 symptoms. 

Mesa County Sheriff's Office - $74,583

PROJECT TITLE: Jail Protective Gear and Jail Overtime Due to COVID-19

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-21-39

Agency: Mesa County Sheriff's Office

Federal Award: $74,583.00

Summary: This grant would go toward the purchase of PPE, cleaning supplies, and protective gear to prevent/minimize the spread of Covid-19 within the Mesa County Jail. In addition, funds would help cover additional overtime costs incurred for missed Deputy/employee time due to sickness. Finally, this grant would help to provide additional needed supervision in areas with quarantined inmates, which will further prevent spread within the jail and will ensure that full staffing is able to be maintained at all times.

Weld County Government - $19,382

PROJECT TITLE: Reducing Transmission of Coronavirus for Law Enforcement and Inmates Application Number: 2020-VD-20-19-49

Agency: Weld County Government

Federal Award: $19,382.00

Summary: The scope of this proposal is to minimize the exposure and infection of Coronavirus within the Weld County Sheriff's Office by distributing washable cloth masks to the Weld County Jail inmates and also providing staff with hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, and thermometers.



Aurora Municipal Court/Detention Center - $56,047

PROJECT TITLE: Aurora Municipal Court & Detention COVID19 Safety Measures

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-18-3

Agency: Aurora Municipal Court/Detention Center

Federal Award: $56,047.00

Summary: After the initial closure of the Municipal Court and Detention in March, 2020, reopening required the implementation of safety measures, which were focused on three areas:

  1. the ability to socially distance indefinitely using technology;
  2. the distribution of PPE to all staff; and
  3. the roll-out of a comprehensive sanitation method for all areas of the Court and Detention.

These measures were addressed by obtaining the necessary equipment and supplies, as well as implementing critical procedures and protocols.

Aurora Public Defender's Office - $84,755

PROJECT TITLE: Aurora Public Defender COVID 19

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-18-4

Agency: Aurora Public Defender's Office

Federal Award: $84,755.00

Summary: As the result of a continuously increasing workload from new arrests and bail hearings, as well as summonses in lieu of arrests, and managing to budget cuts, this grant will cover one year of salary and benefits for an entry-level attorney position in order to represent indigent clients, to help reduce pre-trial detention, and relieve some of the overall workload increases.

Dacono Police Department - $14,286

PROJECT TITLE: AeroClave - Pathogen Elimination Equipment

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-19-20

Agency: Dacono Police Department

Federal Award: $14,286.00

Summary: Funds for this project will be used for the purchase of an AeroClave device, which introduces a disinfectant directly onto a specific surface or into the air, via a fog, to disinfect general area surfaces. This process effectively combats the spread of infectious viruses and bacteria using comprehensive, cost-effective, and environmentally safe solutions. Police Officers are exposed daily to such pathogens and the risk of spreading these pathogens in vehicles and common areas of a police facility is significant.

City of Littleton - $157,343

PROJECT TITLE: Littleton Police Department and Littleton Courthouse Response

COVID-19 Application Number: 2020-VD-20-18-9

Agency: City of Littleton

Federal Award: $157,343.00

Summary: In response to Covid-19, this grant will be utilized to engage with the community while ensuring the safety of the police, the public, and the courthouse staff. Funds will go to the police department to purchase PPE and cleaning supplies, disinfect police gear and patrol cars, and train police officers on how to properly dispose of PPE. In addition, this grant will be applied toward Covid-19 related overtime. Finally, this grant will be utilized to purchase signage (to assist with social distancing), PPE, laptops, and additional cloud storage (to expand bond hearings) for the courthouse.

City of Woodland Park - $36,350


Application Number: 2020-VD-20-4-10

Agency: City of Woodland Park

Federal Award: $36,350.00

Summary: This grant will provide the City of Woodland Park with PPE, supplies, and equipment in response to Covid-19. It will also fulfill a three-month supply cushion in case of any future emergencies, which will allow essential employees to be properly outfitted during an emergency. 

City of Yuma - $32,720

PROJECT TITLE: 2020 City of Yuma COVID-19 Expense Recovery

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-13-11

Agency: City of Yuma

Federal Award: $32,720.00

Summary: With the safety of the employees and citizens being paramount, the City purchased the necessary PPE, supplies, and medical equipment to properly serve the citizens of Yuma as needed throughout the outbreak. The equipment purchased has been spread across the Ambulance Service, Fire Department, Police Department, and the rest of city entities.

City of Black Hawk Police Department - $214,000

PROJECT TITLE: COVID Staffing Budget Shortfall Funding Request

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-1-12

Agency: City of Black Hawk Police Department

Federal Award: $214,000.00

Summary: The grant will fund salary and benefits for two entry-level police officers for two years in order to maintain minimum staffing on our patrol shifts, which has become increasingly more difficult.

Department of Public Safety, Arvada Police Department - $20,361


Application Number: 2020-VD-20-1-25

Agency: Department of Public Safety, Arvada Police Department

Federal Award: $20,361.00

Summary: This grant is intended to help the department procure essential items that are specifically needed to deal with Covid-19 to include the purchase of PPE, a washer and dryer, sanitizing/decontamination supplies and services, overtime costs for police officers, daycare expenses for essential police department staff, Covid-19 testing kits, crowd control and officer safety supplies, and a mobile speaker system that allows officers to interact with the public without exposure. 

Englewood Police Department - $114,802

PROJECT TITLE: CESF 2020 project

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-18-30

Agency: Englewood Police Department

Federal Award: $114,802.00

Summary: The purpose of this initiative is to provide for the health and safety of all employees throughout the organization. This will be accomplished through the purchase of PPE, sanitation supplies, partitions for workstations for employees that need to work on-site, as well as provide an infrastructure for employees that can work from home. Telecommuting will require a significant investment in equipment (laptops, docking stations, online meeting platforms, etc.). Finally, this grant will help offset the overtime expenses directly associated with Covid-19 response.

Golden Police Department - $20,000

PROJECT TITLE: Golden Police - Online Reporting and COVID-19 PPE

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-1-33

Agency: Golden Police Department

Federal Award: $20,000.00

Summary: The City of Golden is a popular tourist destination and continues to see high visitor and resident traffic due to the availability of many outdoor recreational activities. The current Covid-19 public health crisis has made it critical for our department to purchase an extensive amount of PPE and implement an online reporting system to reduce direct interactions with our community. By accomplishing these goals, we will be able to provide our employees with appropriate PPE to continue responding to our community's needs. We will also be able to safely maintain our community engagement and work towards reducing the community spread by reducing our total in-person contacts.

Olathe Police Department - $2,624

PROJECT TITLE: Olathe Police Department

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-7-42

Agency: Olathe Police Department

Federal Award: $2,624.00

Summary: This grant is to provide PPE and equipment in an effort to keep the police officers and public protected from Coronavirus.

Town of Kersey Police Department - $11,500

PROJECT TITLE: Coronavirus Response

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-19-45

Agency: Town of Kersey Police Department

Federal Award: $11,500.00

Summary: The purpose of this grant is to purchase and upgrade the Kersey Police Department's PPE and supplies for responding to and handling situations that may potentially expose police officers and other support personnel to the Coronavirus.

Town of Palmer Lake - $53,543


Application Number: 2020-VD-20-4-46

Agency: Town of Palmer Lake

Federal Award: $53,546.00

Summary: Since the onset of COVID-19, our police and fire department have had an overwhelming need for increased police presence and fire/health-related calls within the town, both requiring large amounts of overtime and PPE, due to an overwhelming surge in the number of people from around the state visiting Palmer Lake, and the uptick in calls, creating a need for police patrol and protection, in order to enforce state and local public health orders. This grant will cover police and fire payroll overtime and equipment, PPE, and supplies 


Other Agencies

AllHealth Network - $600,193

PROJECT TITLE: Assertive Community Treatment for the 18th Judicial District

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-18-2

Agency: AllHealth Network

Federal Award: $600,193.00

Summary: As a result of the release of 42% of inmates in the Arapahoe and Douglas County jails, in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities, and the fact that many of these individuals have mental health conditions and are homeless, it was determined that an expansion, enhancement, and service connection of high risk individuals with Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) programs was needed to provide evidence-based, interdisciplinary, wrap-around services. The goal of this project is to establish an ACT team to
deliver intensive services a minimum of two times per week to 50 criminal justice involved individuals to provide mental health and substance use services, housing, and care coordination so as to positively impact recidivism and hospitalizations.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation - $57,479

PROJECT TITLE: 2020 Biometric Cubicle Improvement

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-1-13

Agency: Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Federal Award: $57,479.00

Summary: 15-inch glass extension cubicle panel screens for 77 workstations, which is a more cost-effective solution than shift-differentials for over 20 employees and will maintain the standard workflow and schedules without increasing the cost of ongoing shift-differentials.

Colorado Department of Corrections - $403,711

PROJECT TITLE: CO DOC Telemedicine Program

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-4-15

Agency: Colorado Department of Corrections

Federal Award: $403,711.00

Summary: Through this project, CDOC hopes to establish a comprehensive Telemedicine Network across all of our statewide facilities. This grant would fund one HQ location as the management site for IT infrastructure expansion as well as the purchase of telemedicine mobile solutions going to 12 of our facilities across the state. We are seeking additional grant funding to provide these services and technologies to our remaining facilities. Prisons are especially vulnerable to Covid-19 due to the close living and working proximity of our offenders and staff. The use of telemedicine would allow for us to get efficient and safe care to our facilities and help mitigate and reduce community spread.

Colorado Judicial Department - $342,770

PROJECT TITLE: Strengthening Mental Health Connections for Individuals in the Criminal Justice System in the Time of COVID-19

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-2-16

Agency: Colorado Judicial Department

Federal Award: $342,770.00

Summary: The Bridges Program supports 1300+ adults and juveniles with mental health needs involved in criminal proceedings by providing 29 Court Liaisons statewide who inform courts and attorneys of available services to address stability factors and behavioral health needs and engage participants into services, collaborating with mental health, jails, and the Office of Behavioral Health. Liaison involvement is often a key deciding factor in releasing defendants from custody and even more so with the push to release or divert
defendants from custody in response to Covid-19. This grant will be purposed to alleviate the increase in service barriers through a participant emergency fund to include phones, data plans, portable wifi routers, bus passes, hotel vouchers, health services, special needs services, general medical and dental assistance, and survival assistance for those experiencing homelessness. In addition, a program specialist position will be added to support increased program capacity and liaison efforts.

ComCor, Inc. - $153,778

PROJECT TITLE: Coronavirus Prevention and Mitigation Proposal

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-4-17

Agency: ComCor, Inc

Federal Award: $153,778.00

Summary: This grant will fund PPE, supplies, and equipment in response to Coronavirus. This pandemic has highlighted the need to professionalize our medication administration processes, which requires training, equipment, and subsidized co-payments, as well as mileage reimbursement to provide transportation. In addition, this grant will be used to fund three full-time EMT's (salary and
fringe) to provide medical triage and treatment.

Department of Public Safety dba Colorado State Patrol - $537,830


Application Number: 2020-VD-20-1-24

Agency: Department of Public Safety dba Colorado State Patrol

Federal Award: $537,830.00

Summary: The Denver Regional Communications Center, operated by the Colorado State Patrol (CSP), manages one of the largest and busiest areas in the state. It employs 36 people working 24 hours over three shifts. Any exposure to COVID-19 would require that all members of the shift be placed under quarantine. This would be devastating to the central operations and its ability to provide vital services. The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) found agencies that have backup 9-1-1 facilities are placing personnel in multiple locations to reduce the chances of many employees being impacted if one person becomes infected. CSP is requesting funds to build an off-site location for the Denver Regional Communications Center to divide the shifts between the two locations in order to protect the health of the workforce and ensure continuity of emergency services to the community. This grant will cover the costs of purchasing the technology, equipment, supplies, and installation.

Intervention, Inc. - $217,244

PROJECT TITLE: Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Program (CESF)

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-1-35

Agency: Intervention, Inc

Federal Award: $217,244.00

Summary: The purpose of this grant would be to support our activities to prevent and manage Covid-19 in our five residential community corrections facilities. Funds would be applied to support a Compliance Officer position, as well as PPE, sanitation supplies, testing kits, and equipment (laptops, webcams, speakers). In addition, this grant would help cover the costs of mileage, per diem and lodging for staff at remote locations to perform Covid-related duties (e.g. testing). 

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Addiction Research and Treatment Services - $265,021

PROJECT TITLE: Residential Substance Use Treatment COVID-19 Grant 

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-2-47

Agency: University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS)

Federal Award: $265,021.00

Summary: Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS) is a large substance use treatment program within the University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus. Peer I and Haven programs provide long-term, intensive residential treatment for adult males and females with significant substance use disorders referred from Community Corrections (CC). Based on CC and Denver Department of Public Health (DDPHE) Covid-19 recommendations, Peer I and Haven have operated at reduced bed capacity since March 15, 2020. Grant funding will be used to retain staff to implement DDPHE protocols to prevent the spread of the virus, which include: social distancing, isolation rooms, frequent facility disinfection, symptom monitoring and testing, and virtual mental health sessions. Funding will also support some PPE and cleaning supplies to continue safe operations.

University of Northern Colorado - $37,814

PROJECT TITLE: Statewide Pretrial Risk Assessment Virtual Training

Application Number: 2020-VD-20-19-48

Agency: University of Northern Colorado

Federal Award: $37,814.00

Summary: The proposed project seeks to meet the goal of providing safe and effective virtual training to local criminal justice practitioners about pretrial risk assessment. The requested funding will support the construction, initial dissemination, and monitoring of course participation, as well as assessment of the impact of two virtual training courses.