Request EPIC Services

How can I request EPIC Services?

If you are looking to improve your organization's efficiency, more effectively implement programs and services, enhance your evidence-based decision-making, and/or to better apply best practices to prevent individuals from entering into or further penetrating the justice system, the EPIC Resource Center might be able to help. EPIC's services are provided at no cost to agencies that meet the requirements outlined by EPIC's legislative mandate. Our staff will meet with you to discuss your needs and determine whether EPIC's suite of services are the right fit for you. If we are unable to meet your needs, we can refer you to trusted resources in the community who can. 

Submit a Request for EPIC Services (External Partners) (Internal Partners) or browse the questions below for more information.

Who is eligible for EPIC services?

EPIC is authorized to work with state-funded agencies serving justice-involved populations or those at-risk of justice involvement.

What happens after our agencies enter into partnership?

All accepted requesting agencies will be expected to do the following:

  • Commit to a written scope of work that defines 
    • Timelines
    • Deliverables
    • Resources needed
    • Data agreements
  • Assign necessary staff to participate on an implementation team/working group for at least the duration of the implementation
  • Allow sufficient staff time to include necessary implementation activities
  • Designate a point(s) of contact/provide staff to serve as agency liaison to EPIC who assists with:
    • Meeting logistics/set-up, minutes and agendas
    • Data collection and management
    • Meeting follow-up and coordination of action items
    • Dissemination of information and materials
  • Participate in regular meetings as required
  • Maintain regular and timely communication with EPIC 
  • Review materials produced
  • Make data available as identified by the implementation team and/or requested by EPIC

Executive leadership involvement is essential to successful implementation. Therefore, during the process, EPIC will work regularly with executive leadership and the project team.

How do I request EPIC services?

Submit a Request for EPIC Services:

External Partners

Internal Partners

Please ensure that all parts of the request form are completed.

    What to expect next?

    EPIC staff will contact the requesting agency to schedule an initial meeting with executive leadership and the requesting individual(s) to better understand the needs, explore the preliminary scope of work, and determine alignment with EPIC’s parameters and capacity.

    Need more information?

    Please email any questions to and one of our staff members will respond.